Why Is My Broadband So Slow All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Broadband So Slow All Of A Sudden

You have fast broadband and still, it slows down more than often because of unknown reasons? Well, we all have gone through this at some point in our life. As much as it is annoying, it can be more than that as pretty much everything has gone online after the pandemic. So If you want to know the answer to your question of why is my broadband so slow all of a sudden, read this guide.

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You call your internet service provider, first you will have to wait to be able to connect with the customer service agent and after that all guided troubleshooting, customer service can’t figure out what’s wrong. They will be satisfied if the “line test” shows that connection is fine, as far as they are concerned.

If the customer service of the broadband is efficient and you are lucky enough, they will send someone to take a look. But that could take days of patience and that would not be what you want. Otherwise, you will just have to put up with the sloth internet connection. 

Why Is My Broadband So Slow All Of A Sudden?

Maybe it’s your wi-fi

You might have a high-speed internet connection but Wi-Fi can be the reason to make it look like a tortoise in all sorts of ways. And many people do face this problem and can’t benefit the bandwidth because of the issues with Wi-Fi reception. There are many ways to counter this situation, but you have to swallow the fact that using the internet wirelessly may prompt these issues once in a while, so you have to lower your expectations a little bit. 

A router is a device which is mainly used to provide you with the internet signals wirelessly. Let’s take a look at different models of routers and the speed you can expect with them under ideal circumstances. (Note: The speeds mentioned are not the exact speeds these devices can provide)

  1. 802.11ac

These routers can provide the speed around 50-80Mbps (download speed), in the ideal environment with good reception. If you have a broadband connection which is capable of exceeding these speeds, you are good to go as you won’t face any slowness. 

  1. 802.11n

This router is capable of handling speeds around 25-30Mbps (download), depending on the external factors or the reception. 802.11n can handle faster speeds and some of the routers can increase your bandwidth to some extent through technologies like MIMO.

  1. 802.11g

If you are using this router then you might want to upgrade your device as it can only deal with the speed of 5-15Mbps. But that does not mean you will not get the speed you pay for. If you signed up for the ADSL package which offers 10-11Mbps of speed, then this device might work just fine for you, make sure your expectations are correct. 

We recommend you to make sure your laptop or PC is connected to the router via a wired Ethernet cable for the outcome. It is because wired is a closed system and the variables can be controlled. While, on the other hand, Wi-Fi is an open system and the external factors can influence its performance. 

The latter recommendation is for PCs and laptops, but what about mobile phones, tablets and other devices? Here are some simple things, having a big impact on the strengths of the Wi-Fi signals, you can try: 

  • Relocate the router

If you are sure that your router is working perfectly fine, it might be the signals which are blocked by a piece of large furniture, wall or any electronic device. Try relocating the router around the house and see if it gets better or not. Most of the time, the best place to place your router in the house is centrally and up from the floor, above head would be ideal. 

  • Restart the router 

Although most of the routers update automatically, it is worth giving a try. Just switch off the router and leave it for 30 seconds. Then turn it on and see if the problem is solved or not. 

  • Disconnect devices not in use

The more devices are connected to the internet, the more it will be increasing the demand on your broadband connection. If there are devices which are connected to the internet but you are not using them, a short-term solution would be to disable their Wi-Fi so they don’t use up your bandwidth. Those devices may be smart speakers, TV, mobiles or other devices. 

  • Boost up the signals 

If you are facing a problem of not getting signal strength in certain parts of your home, investing in a Wi-Fi booster could help you big time. It will strengthen the signals and will carry them faster to the areas of your house that are at distance from your router. 

Why Is My Broadband So Slow All Of A Sudden

Your line or modem may be the problem? 

Let’s not ignore the most common issues: your ISP. When you sign up for a broadband contract, they usually send you some used and crappy device. More than that, they render a line to your home that connects you to the internet, either with cable or fibre. That line is outdoors and many factors can influence it like animals, weather conditions, and more.  In some of the strange cases, gophers dug up and ate the cable line. 

Most ISP’s customer service is not efficient enough to send technical support to your home without “details”, so what you have to do is call the customer support and unplug your modem. Keep on the phone with them as they will ask you about weather conditions and all the other things. After all of that, tell them to send someone to your home and fix the internet slowdown issue ASAP!

What can you do if the broadband is still slow? 

Since October 2015, the broadband customers have been protected by Ofcom’s voluntary code. Many of the biggest names in the broadband industry have signed up and follow this code, so most probably you are protected. 

What you can do according to this voluntary code is that if your ISP is not providing you with the speed they’ve promised and you face internet slowdowns more than often, you can break your contract without facing any penalty. 

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