Who Provides Post Office Broadband?

Who Provides Post Office Broadband

When you read the Post office, the first thing that would come in your mind is something relating to posting, that could be packages of the customer within the country or to other countries.

It is well known for its postal services spanning financial services including saving, loss, insurances, credit cards, foreign currency, drop and go mail services and much more, but now they also emerged as a Broadband service provider making them a complete package for their customers.

With emerging broadband services they are quite tough competitors in the market when it comes to the cost of their broadband services against their other rivals broadband services like Sky, Virgin Media. In the start, they had to face some difficulties in the reputation in their customer service department but they overcame it as time passed.

They use an Openreach network which uses a regular BT telephone line. The infrastructure of the post office does not operate on its own, but it uses the BT infrastructure but it has its customer services and billing, likewise their broadband speed is quite closely attached.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Plug  and go router
  • Affordable prices
  • Post Office Safeguard to prevent malware hacking


  • No Cloud Storage Available
  • No broadband-only packages

Post office Broadband: Speed

When it comes to speed Post Office broadband offer three different packages to the customers, Post Office Unlimited Broadband or Standard broadband packages comes up with an average download speed about 11 Mbps, which would be recommended for the home where there are two to three members and they don’t use the connection for heavy data usage. It involves the sending of Emails and surfing the internet.

You might be thinking how would someone avail this package when their usage is quite heavy, don’t get frustrated they have got you covered with Post Office fibre broadband which gives an average download speed about 38 Mbps providing you much better and fast speed rather than the basic broadband package. If you want to stream videos and there is much heavy data usage online this would be the one, someone would go for.

Post Office Unlimited Broadband Plus, would be the best option for someone who wants to watch HD videos, surfing the internet plus having to do gaming experience, comes up with an average download speed of 67 Mbps. 

 For some users upload speed is more important rather than download speed, because if you want to send larger files to upload speed would do the work. Therefore it comes up with an average upload speed of 1 Mb for the standard package, 9.5 Mb for the fibre broadband and 19 Mb for fibre broadband plus.

Well, different broadband has different speeds but, One thing should be kept in mind before selecting the broadband is the location because the speed would depend on the location of your home, the distance from your line to telephone exchange and electrical interference.

Who Provides Post Office Broadband

Who Provides Post Office Broadband?

Speed Packages for Post Office Broadband service

ADSL Post Office BroadbandPost Office Fibre BroadbandFibre Broadband Plus
Average Speed11 Mbps38Mbps67 Mbps
Upload Speed1 Mbps9.5 Mbps19 Mbps

Fastest speed Packages for Post Office  Vs sky, Virgin Media Broadband

Post office Fibre Broadband PlusSky broadband superfastVirgin M500 Fibre Broadband
Average Speed67Mbps59 Mbps518 Mbps
Upload Speed19 Mbps19 Mbps36 Mbps


Well, When we talk about the costs, prices for Post office broadband are quite less and affordable for the customers. Certainly, it is giving some hard time to its rivals when the cost is the major concern to the customers. 

They won’t increase their package price in the middle of a customer’s contract which is an advantage for their users. That is one reason why customers go for this option. Although, if you are going for Fibre connections their speed is quite slow, although has an average of 67 Mbps download speed. A comparison would show the packages with other Broadband service providers as below: 

Post Office cheapest Packages VS other’s cheapest packages

Post Office Broadband (10Mb)BT Broadband (10Mb)Sky Broadband Essential (11Mb)TalkTalk Fast Broadband (11Mb)Virgin Media M50 (54Mb)

Post Office fastest package VS other’s cheapest packages 

Post office Fibre Broadband plus(67MB)BT Fibre 2 (67Mb)Sky Broadband Superfast (59Mb)TalkTalk Superfast Fibre (67Mb)Virgin Media M500 (516Mb)


Post Office broadband offers two kinds of routers for different packages, for the standard broadband users they offer standard Wifi router which has single band supporting 2.4Ghz bandwidth and has 4 Mb Lan port, supports 300mb of speed. Although, it is quite basic yet has some modern standards. It supports 802.11/g/n Wifi standards but it would not support new wifi devices.

The other router is Fibre Wifi router which supports both 802.11/g/n and 802.11ac wifi standards and is certainly maintaining the modern standards with a dual bandwidth.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the Post office had to face tough times while facing issues with their customer service, but they did take measures to improve its service to facilitate its users. 

In 2019, they had a wait time of 34 seconds which stood second while TalkTalk broadband had 33-second waiting time according to the Ofcom report. Which is proof they had overcome their customer service issues. They also received only 10 complaints per 1000,000 customers which is quite less as compared with other broadband services.


Following the issues they faced in their customer service department, they took internal actions to solve these issues and came up as quite tough competitors with their rivals providing fast broadband connections. However, if the cost is your major aspect in selecting the Broadband service then Post Office would be recommended for the customer looking for affordable prices.

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