Which Mobile Phone Is the Best for Me?

Which Mobile Phone Is the Best for Me

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Technology has never been this advanced before. Smartphones are a luxury that anyone can afford these days. Every year many great mobile phone companies come out with exceptional technologies. Each company topping the others with outstanding features and the newest processors. So, if you want to know which mobile phone is the best for me, check out our recommendations:

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In 2021, there are many great phones that one can enjoy. This wide variety of choices makes it difficult to decide on what mobile phone will be the most appropriate option for you. From great camera features to how fast the phone is, or battery-life and storage, there are many things that one has to consider when buying a new mobile phone. 

This article will help narrow down some great options for you. But before we get into the details, let’s talk about what features to consider when buying a new phone. 

Which Mobile Phone Is the Best for Me

1. OnePlus 8 Pro 

OnePlus 8 Pro 5G 12GB RAM 256GB SIM-Free Smartphone with Triple Camera, Dual SIM and Alexa built-in Glacial Green - 2 Years Warranty
  • Display: 6.78 ", 1440 x 3168 pixels
  • Operating System: OxygenOS based on Android 10, CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Camera: Quad, 48MP + 8MP + 48MP + 5MP
  • Battery: 4510 mAh

The OnePlus 8 Pro is seemingly the company’s first full lead, at last including features like remote charging and an IP68 waterproof rating to make it a certifiable competitor with any of Samsung’s best. 

Justifiably, the cost has gone up as well, yet even the base model – an expert at 8GB RAM and 128GB storage – still speaks to the genuine value as a flagship, which means you will certainly be saving some money by buying this phone. 

The 8 Pro’s camera is the company’s best yet. The camera still falls behind other rival companies, OnePlus’ outstanding engineers have put in great effort to limit the gap. Toss in 5G, an extraordinary design, and the best Android skin around and the OnePlus 8 Pro is an easy decision to make. 

2. Google Pixel 5 

Google Pixel 5 Android Mobile Phone- 128GB Just Black, SIM Free, All day Battery, Water Resistant
  • With 5G, as soon as you hit play, your favourite shows and movies are ready for you to watch in ultra-clear HD
  • Charge your Pixel 5 wirelessly or use it to wirelessly charge Qi-certified devices. It has an all-day battery that can last up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver
  • Automatically receive the latest OS and security updates for at least 3 years. And the custom-made Titan M chip helps secure the operating system and sensitive data, like passwords
  • The brilliant Pixel camera lets you take vibrant photos even in the dark with Night Sight. And bring studio-quality light to your pictures of people with Portrait Light
  • Get more scenery and people in the shot with the rear-facing ultra-wide lens. The built-in software helps to correct any lens distortion as soon as you take the shot

Google’s first 5G model is a whole lot different than any of its rivals. It showcases the best of the Android 11 features but also experiments with new features that are modern and unique. It has a spotless design and client expectations are upheld by a lot. With more features such as a rich camera, longer-lasting battery life, and a compact design, this phone brought a lot to its users. 

3. Apple iPhone 11 

Apple iPhone 11 (256GB) - Purple (includes EarPods, power adapter)
  • 6.1-Inch liquid Retina HD LCD display
  • Water and dust resistant (2 metres for up to 30 minutes, IP68)
  • Dual-camera system with 12MP ultra wide and wide cameras; night mode, portrait mode, and 4K video up to 60Fps
  • 12MP truedepth front camera with portrait mode, 4K video, and slo-mould
  • Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay

The iPhone 11 didn’t have to change any rules to be a victor. It just expected to gain popularity on the achievement of the XR and it has done exactly that. 

The price has not changed much but the design is available in many different colors. Face ID has been improved and the lenses of the camera have been changed to wide-angle lenses. The screen isn’t OLED yet offers a good experience in any case and performance is first class, the same as the chip found in the 11 Pro/11 Pro Max. 

The purpose of this mobile phone is to provide a less expensive phone than the iPhone XR but offer the same great features and experiences. Apple has released this model, so many won’t have to spend extra cash on the Pro.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Mobile Phone; Sim Free Smartphone - Cosmic Grey
  • 64 MP Telephoto Camera; 10 MP Front Camera; 12 MP Wide Camera; capture life as you truly see it
  • 120 Hz 6.2 Inch Infinity-O Display: Experience every moment in full, edge-to-edge clarity
  • Galaxy S20 battery packs in 4,000 mAh so you can stay in charge throughout the day
  • 8 GB RAM; Exynos 990 Processor and the capability of 1.1 TB Storage; truly epic power for truly epic days
  • Smartphone preloaded with the Android V10 operating system

The Galaxy S20 is minimal, incredible, and packs an adaptable camera system that may not match the top-level S20 Ultra on zoom or detail, but meets the expectations when it comes to the remainder of the board. If it can match its great model, then it’s a better phone than most models out there. 

5G is not that common yet and its use isn’t as extensive but this phone still supports 5G, which makes it worth the upgrade. You can enjoy a feature that many cannot even fathom yet. The phone is the best there is inside and out. The battery life is the only downside to buying this phone and even that, is not a grand issue. The Android ecosystem offers more for less, however. Samsung’s degree of prestige or polish is definitely worth paying the cost. 

With many more great phones releasing in the market every day, it is hard to upgrade to new phones all the time. It is best advised that you find a phone that best meets your necessities and stay committed to it till you find a phone that is worth the upgrade. 

Which Mobile Phone Is the Best for Me

Features to consider when buying a new phone


Mobile phones have RAM and ROM memory. A good RAM means a faster phone and smooth operation. A good ROM memory means that you will be able to store a lot of videos, photos, songs, apps, and more. When buying a new phone, it is highly recommended to buy a phone that has a higher memory of both ROM and RAM. 


A phone with a good battery life should be able to last a day without needing charging. Longer battery life also ensures the longevity of the phone so even after a few years of use, not a lot of battery life is ruined. 


 In this day and age, the camera quality has to be the best! Many youngsters are dedicated to keeping up their social media accounts and record all these memories. For this reason, many phones come with at least a 12-16 MP sensor. The higher the megapixels of a phone is, the greater the pictures. 


The processor of the phone determines the speed of the phone. If your processor is old, it will overall bring down your experience with your new phone. Hence, it is better to look for processors that are fast so streaming, watching, and uploading is easier than ever before. 


The display of the phone is important for two essential reasons; a bigger screen to stream and watch videos, a bigger screen to control the gadget. With a screen of 5.5-6 inches, the phone becomes a great option.  

Build Quality

The build quality determines the durability of the mobile phone. With many varieties in the market of steel, plastic, and even glass, it is better to choose a safer option. This will help eliminate the chances of damages.  

Extra Features

These extra features can be anything that you desire. It includes fingerprint scans and faces unlock for security. It also includes a pen for the touch screen that makes it easier to use. 

Now that we have narrowed down the choices with some of the basic features to consider, here are some of the best phone models that 2020 has blessed us with. 

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