Where To Buy Mobile Phone Batteries?

Where To Buy Mobile Phone Batteries

Do you want to know where to buy mobile phone batteries? read on..

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The battery is the central part of your mobile phone since, without the battery, nothing else can work. With the correct kind of care and consideration, you can ensure your battery remains running for a longer time and lasts longer as well.  

The great news is that with the new phone batteries that are lithium-charged, the batteries’ overall quality has improved dramatically! They are more reliable, safer, and have a long-lasting life. 

Even with great phone chargers, there isn’t anything more disappointing than a cell phone battery running out of charge quickly! When a mobile phone becomes old and fails, it runs out of charge efficiently or shuts down the gadget at a random charge level. In our current world, where we depend on our telephones for email, information, online social media, and calls, we can’t have the versatile battery power dying on us during the day. 

Many companies offer a tremendous range of new batteries for iPhone and certified batteries for Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. The ever-growing scope of excellent exchange batteries is continually expanding to help clients fix their cell phones with charging issues. 

Even for low-cost replacements, for every brand, companies do not settle on quality. The top priority is always the clients and their satisfaction. 

What You Need To Know About Mobile Batteries

Lithium-ion is the most well-known type of battery since it can store the most energy in the littlest space. That is estimated in terms of precise energy thickness, which alludes to how much energy, in Watt-hours, a kilogram of battery could hold. 

For lithium-ion, the figure can be somewhere in the range of 150 and 250 Wh/kg, while a nickel-metal hydride (or NiMH) battery can hold around 100 Wh/kg. Lithium-ion batteries are smaller and lighter than its rivals, which means smaller gadgets with longer battery life. 

The gadget’s battery is storing away energy, and the chemical compounds inside are anxious to release that energy in any way possible.  

However, lithium-ion is not without drawbacks. One of the disadvantages of lithium-ion is if the batteries are released excessively, the chemistry breaks. This results in lithium-ion turning into lithium oxide, which ignites and creates more. 

The battery capacity is estimated in milliampere-hours (or mAh), which shows how much energy the battery can convey overtime. For example, if a battery has a rating of 1000 mAh, it could deliver 1000 milliamps of power for 60 minutes. In case your gadget utilizes 500 milliamps of power, the battery should last around 2 hours. 

A mobile phone’s battery life is more complicated than one would imagine. The battery life depends entirely on how much the phone is being used and what it is being used for. If the phone is always in use, blaring music, and operating social media or anything else, it will use a whole lot more battery. 

For this reason, battery life claims should be treated with caution. One should know about the warranty and guarantee claims as well. 

How You Can Ensure That The Battery Lasts For A Long Time

There are many ways that one can ensure to prolong their battery life, so they do not have to replace it. Here are some of the following tricks that you can follow; 

  • Ensure that your phone is not fully drained before you put it on charging again. When you wait for the phone to be fully drained to charge again, you shorten its battery life. Whenever charging, try to keep the battery life between 50-80%. Also, try to recharge your phone before it hits 20%. 
  • Charging your phone overnight is not a bad idea. Your smartphone will automatically know when your phone has been fully charged and lower the electricity intake accordingly. 
  • The battery of mobile phones cannot work well in extreme conditions. Whether it is extremely hot or cold outside, ensure that your phone is in a cool place. Keeping your phone in your pants pocket or jacket pocket can protect it from changing temperatures and ensure a longer-lasting life. 
  • Try to stay loyal to regular charging rather than fast-charging. Fast charging is excellent when you are in a hurry, but lithium-ion batteries have a longer life when charged slowly. Fast-charging technologies affect battery longevity. 
  • When it comes to portable methods of charging phone batteries, it is best advised not to do so. Charging your phones with portable power-banks or with your laptop burns out the lithium-ion battery, shortening its life span. So it is better to restrict yourself to the original methods of charging. 
Where To Buy Mobile Phone Batteries

Where To Buy Mobile Phone Batteries

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Q. Will replacing the battery give my phone a brand-new life? 

Ans. Yes, your phone’s battery will be as good as new. You can download an app from your phone’s store and keep a check on the changes in battery-life. 

Q. Will using replacement batteries void my warranty? 

Ans. No, it will not. But it is advised to claim the warranty before resorting to outside companies. 

If you take good care of your mobile phone’s battery, there will be no need to change it. With just a few habit changes, battery life can be prolonged. However, if there is ever a need, claiming a warranty is an ideal option. 

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