What To Do With Old Mobile Phones And Chargers

What To Do With Old Mobile Phones And Chargers

If you want to know what to do with old mobile phones and chargers, This article will answer that question. 

Ever since technology has taken over our daily lives, we are always in a rush to buy the latest models. Especially when it comes to mobile phones, it is also expected that as new models arrive in the market, the old ones start losing their processing abilities. And let us also not forget the common occurrence of cracked mobile phones, or phones that get destroyed during accidents. The reason for changing your mobile phone is many, but what to do with the mobile phone and charger you already have?

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What To Do With Old Mobile Phones And Chargers

Pass them on

Now that you have upgraded to a newer phone model, one of your options is to pass them on. Many companies refurbish phones and sell them off at a cheaper rate for those who can’t afford the original prices. Even if you think you have used your phone to its full potential, it is still 80% recyclable and can be used again. 

The phone can be passed on to a charity. If the phone is still in working condition, it can be given to someone in need. If not, the charity can hand off the phone to a recycling company and get funds. 

Another option is to pass them on online. There are many websites where you can pass off your phone for free. The phone can then be used for whatever reason.

Recycle them 

If you think your mobile phone is not in a condition to be passed off, you can get it recycled. You can contact the store from where you bought the phone and ask them about their recycling policy. Most stores have a recycle bin that they then refurbish or sell for parts. 

If you ordered your mobile phone online or from a different country, then you can find your nearest recycling bins. There are bins labelled under ‘small electricals’ where you can dispose of the mobile phone along with the battery charger, and they will refurbish the phone or sell it for parts. 

Other things that you can do

If you are not the one for recycling and do not want to hand it off to charity, you can repurpose your phone. 

If the phone is still in working condition, it can be used as a dedicated music player for the car or an alarm clock on your nightstand. It can also be kept as an emergency phone in case your current phone gets lost or stolen. The phone battery charger can also be set somewhere else in the house as an extra charging spot. 

You can also sell your phone for extra cash. There are many online websites where people buy second-hand items, including mobile phones. 

What To Do With Old Mobile Phones And Chargers

Why you should recycle 

Mobile phones are made up of several smaller parts. These parts hold value individually, as well. In most cases, a recycled phone will be refurbished and used again. But in some cases, the phone it opened apart, and its working parts are used in other electronics. 

Recycling your phone helps reduce waste. If the phone is thrown out, it ends up in a landfill or is burned, both of which are damaging to the environment. 

Recycling your phone also gives poor people and charities the chance to make life better. 

What to do before recycling or selling 

Your mobile phone is a personal hub for you. It contains much information that can be dangerous if found in the hands of another. It also holds all your music, contacts, photos, and so much more. 

Before you hand off your phone, you need to ensure that your personal information has been transferred from your phone to your laptop. You need to make sure that all your passwords have been deleted as well, to social media, credit cards, and emails. 

Once it has been done, you can go ahead and reset your phone to factory settings. This will turn your phone brand new. The settings will be the same as they are when the phone is dispatched from the factory. 

Be sure to remove the sim and memory card from your phone as well. The sim card holds much personal information, such as the family’s contacts. The memory card holds many personal pictures that might be a security risk if in another’s hands. To stay safe and make a smooth transaction, ensure that your sim and memory cards are removed. 

Lastly, ensure that the phone’s pin-lock has been turned off, so the next person who receives the phone has no issue unlocking it. 

What to do with the phone charger 

The phone charger can be kept as a spare. This will help you if your current phone’s charger is broken or if you need an extra charging spot in the house. 

The phone charger can also be handed off when the phone is sold or given to charity. Even though that is not necessary, it will help the buyer. You can also add cost to your phone to provide the charger as well. 

Can my phone be a collector’s item? 

Some exemplary cell phone designs have become collector’s items. On the off chance that you have an old Nokia 8210 or even one of those old 1980’s home block type cell phones, you may have the option to sell it on eBay for a decent amount.  

In this ever-evolving market, designs go in and out. Phones get old in only one or two years. But an old phone will make a good collector’s item. Current fashion can help a lot with this. If the ’80s or ’90s are fashion, your phone may be used as a prop by many to keep up with the fashion trends. 

Many people like to keep an extra phone on their hands for emergency reasons. But recycling is a significant step to take. You will help an individual in need and will also be an environmentally responsible person. Choose to recycle and donate to help improve lives. 

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