What Mobile Phone Should I Buy?

What Mobile Phone Should I Buy

Confused and want to know the answer to your question of “What mobile phone should I buy? The purpose of this short guide is to help you buy the right mobile phone.

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An extraordinary cell phone will replace your camera, keep you informed and entertained whether you are on the move or relaxing at home. It will give you the ideal support when you are not at home and still leave you with enough battery when you return home.

However, it is difficult to find a model that can succeed, generally speaking. With costs rising like never before and choices only increasing, you must spend your hard-earned money on the phone that best suits your needs.

This year is loaded down with cell phone releases, so we’ve gathered together the best Android and Apple mobile phones that you can purchase today.

All these phones have been put through multiple tests to bring you the best of options.

But before we get into that, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a smartphone. 

What Mobile Phone Should I Buy

Things to consider when buying a new phone

1. Buy a mobile phone on contract or sim-free? 

Sim-free is the ideal choice. A sim-free, unlocked phone will give you the freedom of network choice or future phone updates. However, if you cannot handle the expense of an up-front purchase, the contract would be the appropriate option. Before signing on a contract, make sure the company is not ripping you off, and the monthly payments are affordable for you. 

2. The best smartphone operating system for me? 

In 2020, there is no other operating system to choose from except iOS and Android. The thing with iOS is that you will find it in Apple phones, tablets, and laptops only. Typically, iOS gets applications first and has a magnificently smooth OS. It is not as customizable as Android, yet there’s no uncertainty that it’s extraordinarily and simple to use. 

Android has a lot more extensive reach than its Apple rival and is found on most cell phones available. There are various adaptations of Google’s operating system accessible, however. However, if you buy an Android, it will have to be running on Android 9 or higher. This is because the older versions of the operating system will be useless now. The Android producers frequently modify their forms of Android, which means that the experience can vary between handsets. 

3. What to look for in a mobile display? 

Touchscreens completely control smartphones. This means that when deciding on what phone to buy, you need to focus on the size and quality of the display screen as well. Many people prefer a larger screen. It makes browsing, watching videos, and reading newspapers or texts a lot easier. It also gives the user a larger space (screen) to control the phone. 

When taking into consideration the display, one must also stay informed about the pixels. Pixels will give an idea about how sharp and clear the text or picture on the screen will be. The higher the pixel density, the better the display quality. 

4. Performance and battery life? 

Battery life is a rough indication of how fast the operating system is. The battery life is run by octa-core processes. Longer battery life is what you are looking for in any smartphone. This will help in traveling and spending whole days without the worry of charging. The bigger the battery of the phone is, the longer its battery life will be.  

5. How much storage do I require? 

As a rule, at least 16GB of installed storage is fine if there’s a microSD space, however, you will be needing more storage in no time since 16GB runs out quickly. With a greater amount of focus on cell phone cameras lately, your Instagram snaps will be the core guilty party in spending all your storage so we recommend a 32GB storage space as a beginner. For those who are working individuals and require many apps in their phones on the go, we recommend the 64GB phone. 

Now that you know what are the most necessities to consider when buying, here are some of the latest and most desired models of mobile phones in 2020. 

What Mobile Phone Should I Buy

iPhone 12, Pro, Max 

Apple launched its newest iPhone 12. It offered many new features such as a wide range of colours to choose from including a beautiful dark blue, lilac, and orange shade. The new iPhone 12 has also been given a squared look, just like the iPhone 5 before. This lessens the chances of the screen cracking if the phone falls. They also upgraded from two cameras on the rear to three, upgrading the picture quality even more! They feature a 12 MP rear and front camera to capture memories in crystal clear quality.

 The 6.10-inch display touchscreen has a pixel density of 460 pixels per inch. Moreover, the Apple iPhone 12 is a dual sim phone. It has the option of installing both a Nano sim card and an eSim card. With a 64gb storage in iOS 14, the user can store a large number of videos, pictures, and music on their phone. It also has lightning Bluetooth, multiple different kinds of sensors, and 3D face recognition for increased security. It also supports 5G for faster speed. 

Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus are mobile phones of rare differentiation. The most complete cell phone pair the organization has delivered to date, it may cost you significantly more than the other handsets but are the absolute best Android mobile phone available right now. 

Even though the phone is unchanged in looks, its inner upgrades to Samsung’s versatile chipset makes this one of the fastest cell phones ever tried. The new camera features, such as the 30x zoom and 8K video recording are a treat to look for. Its 120Hz screen is also a great feat. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 lets its users enjoy a great flagship at a cheap rate. Xiaomi’s affordable handset has genuinely reset the benchmark of what is expected from a cell phone in 2020. Designed with a rapid MediaTek Helio G85 processor, the Redmi Note 9 is a flagship in pretty much every region, with the additional benefit of it being a fraction of what bigger companies charge. 

Google Pixel 4a

A less expensive choice than its pricier leader partners, the Pixel 4a is incredible in their way, and the camera truly sets this Android cell phone separated from the rivals. The 12.2-megapixel sensor on its back is better than the camera on the iPhone and it’s equipped for taking some genuinely dazzling pictures in low-light, because of the Night Light shooting mode. It doesn’t have any additional focal points like the S20 or OnePlus telephones, but in case you’re a passionate photography fan, the Pixel 4a will not disappoint, especially when considering its low-cost. 

This article certainly narrows down some options for you but even if these phones are not what you wanted; it will certainly help you decide what to look for in your new phone. Hopefully, this short guide must have helped you to find answer to your question of what mobile phone should I buy?

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