What Is The Best Value Mobile Phone Contract?

What Is The Best Value Mobile Phone Contract

Contract mobile phones are one of the most popular and common ways to get your hands on the latest flagship phone of your favourite brand along with the deal on voice calls, texts and internet data. So, if you want to know what is the best value mobile phone contract, check the following deals:

If you are looking for the latest phones then there aren’t many options rather than getting it on a contract, unless you want to splash your money and buy the phone by paying upfront. With a mobile contract, you can get handsets like the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, One Plus, HTC and almost all of them. And interestingly, there are no upfront fees in many deals. 

With so many providers and third-parties offering countless deals for one model, it can be frustrating to look at different websites. However, we will help you with that by discussing every aspect you should consider before going for any contract. If you are a first-timer, let us help you understand how it all works. 

What Is The Best Value Mobile Phone Contract

Why should I choose a contract phone?  

Free mobile phone 

The major reason or motive behind choosing a contract phone is that you will get a phone, without paying anything as an upfront fee. Almost all the contracts for all the handsets have this feature. 

However, sometimes you do have to pay little upfront fees for some of the latest flagship phones. It does not mean you will be paying that necessarily as there will be deals that require no upfront fee. 

Cheaper mobile phone bills

Mobile contracts are likely to be cheaper in deals on calls and texts than the other way to get a phone; Pay As You Go deals. Unlimited texts and voice calls are part of the monthly contract phone deals while data is also provided from 4GB to unlimited data, depending on the deal you choose. 

Contract phones with gifts

Most of the providers offer a variety of extras and freebies when you sign up for a contract. In these extras, you can get hands-free headsets, accessories packs or even PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles if you get lucky. Although these are becoming a thing of the past as now maximum you get is a voucher or cashback. 

Things to consider before signing a mobile phone contract

  • Never rely on third-parties and do read the contract yourself carefully. A contract is a legal binding and you will likely be tied with it for two whole years as it is very difficult and expensive to get out of it. 
  • Look out for the hidden charges or the price hikes. 
  • If you don’t understand the contract, don’t sign it. Ask someone expert and can explain it to you.
  • Don’t sign up by just looking at the starting price, it may cost more than that monthly. 
  • If you are asked to be a “guarantor” for someone underage, think before you sign. You will have to pay their bill in case they are unable to. 

What is the best value mobile phone contracts? 

There are many network providers and contracts available in the market that it gets too hard to choose what you should get and what not. When you think a certain contract is best for you, another deal comes across and it keeps going on. 

In this scenario, if we pick some of the deals for you, they might be outdated or expired or even there are cheaper deals available by the time you read this article. Keeping this in our mind, we have created the criteria of a good and suitable mobile phone contract instead of mentioning some deals from some providers. 

Read on and decide what deal you want considering all these things discussed below. 

Take what you need

If you exceed your allocated amount of credit, there is a high possibility that you will be charged mercilessly with steep fees for using anything above that specific limit. So, estimate carefully how many minutes and texts and data you use or you need and choose the plan accordingly. 

If you make calls of more than 1000 minutes per month, you should search for a contract with at least that much minutes even if it is a couple of quids more expensive than a deal of fewer minutes. Because the charges after exceeding your voice call limit will be far more than you will save by choosing a contract with fewer minutes. 

How much data do you need? 

The data is not offered limitless in most of the contracts, not in affordable ones. So you will have to be accurate about how much data you use and need. Most mobile phone contracts contain data from 4GB to 100Gb and more. 

If you are going for a cheaper deal, let’s say 10GB, then you will have to keep a check on your usage. You may want to set some apps that consume most of the data, to work with Wi-Fi only. This way you will save a lot of data and will not consume data when Wi-Fi is available. Apps like Spotify, Netflix and Youtube can suck your data quickly. 

As for how much data you should go for, it all depends on your usage. If you have broadband at your home and you stay at home mostly, maybe 5 or 10GB will be enough. But if you are planning to stream or watch TV on your mobile data, you should go for a 100GB or even unlimited data contract. 

Choose the contract length carefully 

Most of the providers offer you the contract of 12, 18, 24 or 36-months. Considering that you will be bound by the contract for at least a whole year, you might want to choose carefully what you are getting into. 

It all depends on one’s affordability. Lower the monthly cost is, longer the mobile phone contract will be. But if you can afford a comparatively expensive contract, you won’t be tied to it for three years. We recommend getting a contract with a length of 18 or 24-months, as they provide great value.  

Which network provider is the best? 

There is no straight answer to it without asking the questions. Mobile phone signals vary tremendously across the UK so one network that is ideal for someone can’t be the same for another. 

However, Ofcom provides you with a service of checking a certain mobile phone provider’s coverage in your area. But it’s more easy and effective if you ask your friends or family who lives in the same area. 

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