What does Sim free Mobile Phone Mean?

What does Sim free Mobile Phone Mean

Want to know what does sim free mobile phone mean? read on

Buying mobile phones is no longer a simple decision. With so much variety and vast options, you might have to carry out detailed research into how wide the screen should be, the battery power of the phone, and the camera quality. Along with the research on this, you will also be deciding on whether you want a sim-free mobile phone or not. 

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While most of the sim-free phones are unlocked, some are locked too. A locked phone means that the buyer is limited to a specific network. And unlocking the phone is a whole other process.

An unlocked phone means that the user can buy a Sim from any network provider.

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Sim-free Vs Unlocked Phone

Many people confuse between sim-free and unlocked phones. They assume that they both mean the same. However, there are some essential differences between the two. 

SIM-free means that the mobile phone is being sold without a SIM Card and with no prerequisite to top-up when purchasing the phone. SIM-free mobile phones might be locked to a particular network provider or unlocked, and could possibly include branding and custom programming. 

Unlocked phones mean that the mobile phone is not limited to a particular network provider. Unlocked cell phones might include a SIM card and could have an underlying top-up prerequisite. Unlocked telephones are typically unbranded and have standard programming. 

What does Sim free Mobile Phone Mean

What does SIM Free Mobile Phone Mean?

Many companies like GiffGaff and Carphone Warehouse provide unlocked, sim-free phones. The user has the freedom to choose their network provider. However, they might lock the mobile phone to the first network provider that the user might opt for. So, if in the future, the user wants to change their network provider, they will have to get their phone unlocked. 

Advantages of Sim-free mobile phones: 

  • Greater choice of plans: Having your telephone permits you to pick any plan you like. Purchasing a particular telephone from an organization will give fewer alternatives, comparatively. A sim-free mobile phone allows you to buy a plan completely fit for your use, saving you expenses in the long-run. 
  • More freedom to change or cancel your plan: If you find that your network plan is excessively costly before the contract ends, you will most likely be unable to get out of paying it. Even if you try, paying to leave a contract will be just as costly. Shorter contracts allow the user to change their network or monthly plans whenever they like. They can even cancel without having to pay. 

A two-year plan may be what you want right now, however, it will turn into an undesirable cost in case you move to another country before the agreement ends, for instance. 

·   Easier to keep track of your bills

If you buy a phone with a sim, you will have to invest in a package. With a monthly payment of twenty pounds on the phone, paying an additional forty pounds on calls, messages or data is an absurd amount. As a general rule, it is hard to know what amount of your bill is going towards the mobile and what amount is going towards the plan costs. With a sim-free mobile, there is less vulnerability and you can keep track of payments. 

·   Avoid roaming charges

For individuals who have high roaming charges, sim-free telephones allow you to swap your SIM card once you show up in a different country. You could arrange a SIM legitimately from a network provider in the country based on your personal preference or utilize a service like SIM Local. Individuals who have to travel a lot, save a lot of money on roaming charges with a sim-free phone. 

·   Greater choices of phone/ Second-hand phones

 When buying a phone, there may be a certain model that you want that a network is not providing or is currently offering. Since sim-free phones are usually of old models, it is more economical to buy them than the latest model. 

Moreover, the user can buy second-hand phones which is a great way of saving money. The phone will already be unlocked since it was used before and the user will have the freedom of changing networks. 

·   Upgrade or change phones whenever you like

With a sim-free telephone, you can buy a new phone whenever you like. A bundled telephone doesn’t bear the cost of a similar opportunity in light of the fact that your network decides your update plan. An updated phone may likewise be constrained if you lose or break your mobile phone. Breaking a telephone doesn’t break your agreement, so with packaged plans, you will be paying for the telephone until the agreement ends. 

While the vast majority don’t feel the need to update their mobile phone every year, a few people like to keep on up to date with the most recent technologies. Sim-free telephones allow updates on your timetable.

Disadvantages of sim-free mobile phones

Like every other thing, sim-free phones also come with certain setbacks. Where they give the user a lot of freedom with network choice and save them money in the long run. Initially, it is a costly process. 

  • Expensive Handsets- The initial cost of the phone might be high. This means that buying the phone will be equivalent to buying a laptop or a TV. This can be difficult to pay if you are used to a monthly payment of twenty pounds. 
  • Locked Mobile Phones- As discussed before, some sim-free phones are locked when bought. This can lead to the user having to pay extra for getting the phone unlocked or having to settle with the same company as their network provider. 

With many options in the market, a sim-free phone might be a good option to opt for. The only disadvantage being of expense, you will get to enjoy many great features that are not available with locked, limited phones. Hope this short guide clarifies to you what does sim free mobile phone mean.

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