What Does British Gas Homecare 4 Cover?

What Does British Gas Homecare 4 Cover

The homecare 4 cover from British Gas is a great solution for those looking for a comprehensive range of services that includes heating, plumbing and more. In this article you will find out how the four different types of cover can help you to take care of your property as well as your family.

If you want to know what does British Gas Homecare 4 cover, this post will explain everything for you so read on..

What Does British Gas Homecare 4 Cover?

The first type is annual fixed charge plan which offers protection against burst pipes, boiler breakdowns and power cuts and other small repairs at an affordable cost. This means you won’t have to worry about high bills or unexpected costs every time something goes wrong with your property because it’s all included in the monthly fee- making it one of the most popular types of homecare cover on offer.

Another option available is the full year contract where payments are made on a monthly basis allowing you total control over your homecare contract.

This plan is available to new and existing customers looking for flexible cover at an affordable price.

For those of you that require heating, plumbing or electrical work then perhaps the third option will suit-the full service plan that covers repairs on mains water supply, heating, hot water, pipework, radiators and electrical installations. It could be the perfect solution for those looking to take advantage of all British Gas has to offer in one simple plan.

The fourth option is also available for homeowners that would prefer to pay when needed-the call out cover plan. With this type of contract you are only responsible for paying when your homecare engineer arrives so you only pay for the parts and labour required. This is a great option for those customers that don’t want to commit themselves with a monthly premium.

British Gas Homecare 4 is designed to help protect properties from emergencies. Emergency repairs are not covered by an annual home warranty, so this plan fills in those gaps. It can also work alongside a yearly homeowner’s policy.

The British Gas Homecare 4 includes a guaranteed six-hour response time for emergencies, which means technicians will arrive at the home in six hours or less from when they are called. It also includes a £100 limit on repairs per year and a money back guarantee that says if something is not fixed within a week of the initial response, customers get their money back. They also have a dedicated customer service line with a 24-hour emergency helpline.

The British Gas Homecare 4 covers anything that needs to be fixed inside the property limits. This includes plumbing, heating, electrical and more. They also cover the service call, which is a fee for the technicians’ time spent on site.

This plan does not cover fuel delivery or any illegal connections to gas appliances. This plan will only provide services for replacements and repairs-it does not include preventative maintenance. Also, it does not include anything that was installed after the installation date on the homeowner’s warranty.

The plan does not have a personal allowance, so if anything needs to be fixed or replaced inside of someone’s private accommodation, it will not be covered.

The total cost for British Gas Homecare 4 is £120 per year, plus an additional £30 for each service call.

In general, the British Gas Homecare 4 is a pretty good home insurance option. It has a response time that ensures that the technicians will come as soon as possible and a money back guarantee if something fails to be fixed properly within a week of the first service call.

The only downside is that some of what it covers is not very important for homeowners-there are preventative measures that it does not cover, which means that customers need to pay close attention to what needs to be fixed. This can be tricky because some issues may look like they are covered when really they are not

What is British Gas Homecare 4 Cover?

British Gas Homecare 4 is a great option for homeowners who want to be taken care of.

It provides cover against the risk of property damage, mechanical breakdown and public liability, as well as accidental loss or theft of your belongings. The policy also includes home emergency cover which offers you help in case there’s an accident at your house-allowing you to escape safely with your family. Plus if something happens to one member of the household, British Gas Homecare 4 will offer support for other members too.

This makes it a good choice for families with young children or elderly relatives living together.

British Gas Homecare 4 insurance cover gives you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of should anything go wrong at home – so all you have to worry about is getting back to normal.

The policy can be purchased from British Gas with a price of £88 for an annual single payment or £23 monthly-equivalent yearly cost.

Benefits of getting the cover

Becoming a customer of British Gas Homecare 4 means you’ll be in control of the level of cover you want. You can increase your cover, from contents up to £150,000, and extend the time limit for claiming from 12 months to three years.

In terms of what’s covered, here is a list of the most common benefits:

  • The risk that damages or removes your possessions from your home
  • Public liability which includes any legal costs arising from accidents at your home
  • Mechanical breakdown service including free emergency boiler repairs and three days’ free heating when your boiler breaks down in the winter
  • Water leak cover for internal plumbing leaks where internal pipes have been damaged or broken
  • Home emergency cover offering personal safety and property protection
  • Family life cover, including support for family members who may be affected by an accident at home

British Gas Homecare 4 has a number of security features in place to help you against unforeseeable circumstances. These include city centre rescue cover, which offers support if your property is at risk of damage in the event of city riots, and three free locksmith visits for changing door locks.

What Does British Gas Homecare 4 Cover

How to get it

To acquire the British Gas Homecare 4, someone needs to have an annual energy bill that is at least £500. They also need to have a home warranty that is less than 12 months old. This is part of British Gas’ guarantee to the customers that they will only provide services to homes with up-to-date warranties.

Does British Gas HomeCare 4 cover showers?

Yes. British Gas HomeCare 4 cover showers to the value of £150,000 (or on a like-for-like basis). However, there is a limit to the number of showers in the home that are covered. There will be no cover for additional shower rooms or en-suites (beyond 1).

Is British Gas better than HomeServe?

This question would be difficult to answer as the two companies have vastly different policies.

British Gas Homecare 4 is a policy designed to cover a wide range of risks with a strong emphasis on personal safety and property protection as well as loss coverage as opposed to repair services such as those provided by HomeServe.

The two companies also differ in regards to their available products and services. While British Gas offers heating installation, boiler repairs, and central heating maintenance, HomeServe does not offer those services.

Finally, British Gas is more affordable than HomeServe and has more benefits and features which make it worth considering.


British Gas Homecare 4 is a policy designed to cover a wide range of risks with a strong emphasis on personal safety and property protection as well as loss coverage. it offers everything from central heating installation, boiler repairs, and maintenance to emergency plumbing services or mechanical breakdown service. British gas homecare 4 insurance offer more benefits than the competition-it’s worth considering for homeowners who want peace of mind that their family will be taken care of should anything go wrong at home.

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