Vodafone Broadband Early Termination Fee

Vodafone Broadband Early Termination Fee

Vodafone is the company that made the first phone call in the UK and introduced texting and international calls to the people. They are dedicated to connect the UK with the world and move towards an exciting digital future. However, if you are trying to cancel your Vodafone, you are not happy with its services. Don’t worry, cancelling your Vodafone contract is quite simple. This article will narrow it down for you and will help you understand Vodafone broadband early termination fee.

What To Do Before You Cancel Vodafone Broadband

Check your contract

Vodafone contracts all have a base two-year agreement term. That implies that you will no doubt deal with additional payments for early termination if you are still inside this period. It is best for your balance if you stand by until the agreement has finished.

Find a new broadband deal

Assuming broadband is as yet required, you ought to pick another contract before doing anything with your current assistance. By and large, you will have the option to change your line to another provider easily. However, regardless of whether you are trading networks, you will need to get that set up to start working when your Vodafone contract closes. You will be left without broadband for quite a long time and may need to pay extra service costs on the off chance that you do not do this.

Vodafone Broadband Early Termination Fee

How To Cancel Vodafone Broadband

Out Of Contract

The least demanding alternative is to change to another Openreach administration. Most suppliers, including Vodafone, utilize the Openreach BT phone line organization, and while moving between Openreach ISPs, there’s little for you to do as the new provider will deal with the process.

In case you are moving to another organization (for example, Virgin Media) or presently do not require broadband, you should connect with Vodafone to terminate.

Dropping via telephone is the fastest choice—call 191 from a Vodafone portable, or 03333 040 191 from some other telephone.

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You can likewise utilize Vodafone’s online website for inquiries; nonetheless, you will, in any case, need to call up and talk with Vodafone to end the services.

If You’re Still In Contract

In case you are still in the contract, you have to follow similar steps as above, with the vital distinction that there is an extra charge for an early end of the arrangement. The sum will rely upon how long is left on your agreement.

Cancellation Fees

There are no termination charges on the off chance that you drop your Vodafone broadband outside of the fixed-term contract length. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wish to drop your agreement early, at that point, you may confront early termination charges.

The specific charge will rely upon what contract you are under and the timeframe staying on your agreement. There are a couple of manners by which you can drop your broadband without a termination expense, regardless of whether you are inside the contract length:

·   You can drop your agreement within 14 days of joining during the ‘test out’ period.

·   On the off chance that your supplier raises your month to month bill by more than average rises, at that point, you can drop without termination fees inside 30 days of the value change notice.

·   If you accept your supplier has breached the agreement and has not tried to solve your issues, at that point, you might have the option to drop without termination fees.

The early termination charges are inclined to change, so it very well might be acceptable to check with Vodafone about what kind of termination fees you are facing.

Vodafone Broadband Early Termination Fee

The table beneath shows the month to month charges for the early end of some Vodafone broadband bundles:

Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone ProductOne-Off Cease FeeMonthly Early Termination FeePre-order Monthly Early Termination fee
Superfast 1 (12m)£15£12.20n/a
Superfast 1 (18m)£15£15.96n/a
Superfast 2 (18m)£15£7.89n/a
Gigafast 100 (12m)£15£11.21n/a
Gigafast 200 (12m)£15£18.38£15.19
Gigafast 500 (12m)£15£22.55£19.36
Gigafast 1000 (12m)£15£26.71£23.53
Gigafast 100 (18m)£15£35.05£31.86
Gigafast 200 (18m)£15£14.13£10.94
Gigafast 500 (18m)£15£18.30£15.11
Gigafast 1000 (18m) £15£22.46£19.28

Can I Cancel My Vodafone Broadband If It’s Too Slow?

If you are discontent with your broadband speed, at that point, you can make a move to improve it. You may feel that you have paid for faster broadband speeds yet, at the same time, be getting terrible web on specific occasions. If you feel that your broadband is excessively moderate, at that point, here are the means that you should take:

1. Check your broadband speed with a broadband speed test. These are commonly accessible on the web, and your broadband supplier will likewise have one accessible on their site or mobile applications.

2. If you find your broadband speeds are moderate, at that point, next, you should look at your agreement to discover what the base rates are written are.

3. In case you are as yet despondent, you can contact your supplier to check whether they can help improve your web speed.

When you have followed this bit by bit process, and you are not satisfied, you may have grounds to complain or drop your contract. Adhere to the standard complaint method, and on the off chance that nothing improves, at that point, you reserve the privilege to drop your contract without a termination fee and switch providers.


Q. Do I need to return my Vodafone Wi-Fi router?

Ans. If your contract is still going on, then yes. You have to return the router, or you will be heavily fined.

Q. Can I keep my phone number?

Ans. Yes, it can be transferred to a different supplier, but you have to mention it and sign it in the agreement when terminating your contract with the initial supplier.

Q. What is Vodafone’s broadband’s notification period?

Ans. It requires a 30-day notification.

In conclusion, it’s better to avoid termination fees by leaving after the contract ends. 

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