Plusnet Mobile Phone Contract Deals

Plusnet Mobile is famous for its cheap one-month Sim-only deals. They offer nice and low costs and there are plenty of options available to fit most of the users. So, check out some of the most affordable Plusnet Mobile Phone contract deals offered by Plusnet above.

Plusnet does not offer contracts that include phones directly but you can get them through mobile resellers. And in case you already have a Plusnet broadband at your home, you will also get ‘Mates Rates’ on its plans which means extra data allowance at a lower price or special offers that are not accessible to everyone. 

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Plusnet Mobile Phone Contract Deals

Plusnet Mobile SIM-only contracts

Plusnet Mobile offers Sim-only plans and no pay-as-you-go phones. Their Sim-only plans are pretty straightforward and easy to understand for everyone. All of the plans are in a form of 30-day rolling contracts. That allows you to cancel the service at any time, though the contract will renew by itself every month until you cancel it. Plusnet is currently offering the following Sim- only plans: 

  • 250 calling minutes, 500 texts, 500 MB of data for £6 a month
  • 1000 calling minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB of data for £8 a month
  • 1500 calling minutes, unlimited texts, 2 GB of data for £10 a month
  • 2000 calling minutes, unlimited texts, 3 GB of data for £12.50 a month
  • Unlimited calling minutes, unlimited texts, 4 GB of data for £15 a month

Keep in mind that Plusnet Mobile often provides discounts on their plans on their website if you are already their customer, so getting a cheaper contract is very possible. 

Now the question is what if you consume your minutes, texts or data before the end of the month? Plusnet Mobile offers add-on packages in that case which let you add a little extra so that you don’t have to wait until next month to get minutes, texts or data. And keep in mind that once you buy an add -on package, it will renew automatically next month whether you need it or not, so read the conditions carefully when buying an add-on to not get overbilled. And make sure to cancel it if necessary. The current add on packages available with Plusnet are: 

  • Calling Minutes: 100 minutes for £1.50, 250 minutes for £4, 500 minutes for £8, and 1000 minutes for £12
  • Texts: 100 texts for £1, 500 texts for £4, and 1000 texts for £6
  • Mobile Data: 250 MB for £2, 500 MB for £4, 1 GB for £6, 2 GB for £10, and 4 Gb for £15

Features of Plusnet SIM-Only Deals

Keeping the fact in mind that Plusnet is a low-cost network, don’t expect much in terms of features. However, you do get a good discount on Sim-only deals if you choose to bundle your home broadband with Plusnet internet services.  

Plusnet also offers a referral programme, which means you can get up to £1.25 discount every month on your mobile bill for each of the customers you refer to Plusnet mobile network who sign up with them. The customer services Plusnet offers are all based in the UK which is a bonus for some people. 

Like all the other providers, Plusnet also offers you a smart cap on their services. It will allow you to set up a monthly maximum limit that your account can be billed with each month, besides the regular contract price. That limit can be anywhere from £0 to £30. It helps a lot to keep your bill to an affordable limit and avoid surprisingly hefty bills. 

Charges over the bundle: SIM Only

There is a huge possibility of you going over the limits of minutes, texts and data on your contract and if you do and forget to buy add on, you will be charged with Plusnet’s regular prices for any of these services you use. And those charges will be higher than what you get on the bundles. Plusnet charges  40p per minute to regular UK telephone numbers, 12.5p per text message, and £1.50 per MB of data.

However, you won’t have to worry if you have activated Plusnet Mobile bill cap. With that, if you consume all of your minutes, texts or data and you don’t buy any add on, after the extra charges reach the maximum limit that you have set then you will be notified. 

Plusnet network coverage

Plusnet Mobile uses EE’s network to connect its customers and EE is one of the best mobile service providers in the UK, if not the best. It has a coverage of 99% of the population of the UK for calling and texting while 97% of the population can use 3G and 95% have access to 4G as well. 

But that is coverage by population and not geography, so the signals are not strong in every inch of the country. So you have to make sure that Plusnet has a good signal strength in your area by using a coverage checker or asking your friends around. 

Having said that, with Plusnet mobile, you might not get 4G speeds as fast as you can get with EE, but it is still pretty fast, with speed averaging up to 30MBps. 

Plusnet Mobile benefits

Plusnet Mobile is all for being cheap and simple, so there aren’t many perks you will find with your plan. However, there are some benefits you can avail that offer you great value and help you to not spend too much. 

  • Mates rates: it is a special deal with a discount on plans for existing customers of Plusnet broadband customers. 
  • Smart cap: by activating smart cap, you will put a specific limit on how much you can spend maximum on your plan each month and avoid hefty bills. 
  • EU roaming: like all the other mobile networks, you can use your monthly allowance all over the EU without any extra charges. 

Plusnet Mobile and Tethering

Tethering is when you use your mobile phone’s data as a hotspot for other devices to connect to it. Some people use tethering in emergencies to share their data with others or connect their laptop for a surprise online meeting where the internet is not available. Though all of the UK’s networks do not allow mobile tethering Plusnet is one of them who does. Plusnet allows you to tether on all their plans and the data used by it will be consumed from your monthly allowance as usual. 

Plusnet Mobile Phone Contract Deals

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