No Contract Broadband Without Landline

No Contract Broadband Without Landline

Want to find no contract broadband without landline? No contract broadband is a practical choice in case you are intending to move house, need Broadband for a second home, or don’t have any desire to be tied to a monthly bill. 

Few flexible ‘no contract broadband bundles exist in the UK, allowing you to switch suppliers when a better broadband deal comes along. The two most prominent ones are Now Broadband and Virgin Media. 

Best No Contract Deals

  • Now Broadband Fab Fibre 1 month contract 36MBs for one month. A sixty-five pounds set-up cost and a twenty-three pounds monthly cost.
  • Now Broadband Super Fibre 1-month contract
  • 63MBs for one month with a sixty-five pounds set-up cost and a twenty-eight pounds monthly cost.
  • Now Broadband Brilliant Broadband 1-month contract
  • 11MBs for one month with a sixty-five pounds set-up cost and an eighteen:  pounds monthly cost.
  • Direct Save Unlimited Broadband 1 Month
  • 11MBs per month with a thirty-five pounds set-up cost and a twenty-eight pounds monthly cost.
  • Direct Save Superfast Fibre Broadband 1 Month
  • 35MBs of monthly internet with a thirty-five-pound set-up cost and a thirty-five-pound monthly cost.

No Contract Broadband Without Landline

Is No-Contract Broadband The Right Choice For Me?

While anyone can purchase a temporary broadband connection, they are incredibly valuable for those on a specific day to day lifestyle. 


Signing up for an extended agreement may not be advantageous for students. A temporary connection might be great if you would prefer not to be integrated with a long contract, that way you will evade firm charges for dropping at short notification. 

Temporary Accommodation

Perhaps you are staying someplace for only a couple of days or even for a very long time because of work or a house move. No contract bargain lets you get a quick broadband connection with adaptability to suit your living plans. 

Long term uncertainty

There could be numerous reasons why you may need to drop a broadband contract early, and with a 12, 18 or two-year term, the charges could be costly. In case you are uncertain about focusing on a standard warranty, a temporary arrangement can be a cash saver.

Now Broadband 

Now Broadband offers broadband bundles with no contract and an upfront charge. That goes for Brilliant Broadband with an average download speed of 11Mbps, Fab Fiber with a typical speed of 36Mbps, and Super Fiber with an average speed of 63Mbps. There’s additionally the choice to add a 30-day TV Pass for Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and children’s TV. 

Virgin Media 

All of Virgin Media’s administrations are accessible on a 30-day contract. That includes Broadband with standard download rates of 54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps or 362Mbps; its broadband-only bundles; home telephone; and its innovative TV service, complete with around 250 stations and TiVo. 

It costs somewhat more for more limited contracts, with both higher month to month bills and set-up costs. If you hope to be connected for a couple of months, you will be paying less. If you buy a contract and drop-it mid-contract, it will cost you more in the form of the cancellation fee. 

Mobile Broadband 

Since you want broadband-only and with no contract, mobile Broadband is the perfect fit for you. It’s accessible from cell phone networks on one-month agreements or a pay-only-when-you-use.  

With mobile Broadband, you will have the option to take your connection with you any place you go and be able to utilize it where home broadbands are limited to the house only. Using mobile Broadband also means that you will not have to invest in a telephone line.  

Mobile broadbands have limited usage and have fixed broadband deals as compared to home broadband. However, while that is true for mobile broadband connections that set boundaries for your use, it’s currently a whole lot simpler to enjoy the unlimited downloads. Also, at a reasonable cost as well. 

For the most part, mobile Broadband is of two kinds: dongles and MiFis. The significant difference is that dongles get you online with a single PC or while MiFis let you get online with different gadgets at the same time. 

When the price is in consideration, they are both equivalents to a fixed-line connection. However, they might be your least expensive choice if you need Broadband for a couple of months since you will not need to pay anything for set-up and can most likely try not to spend a lot for upfront costs as well. 

What To Focus On When Comparing Deals?

Set-up costs

With more extended agreements, the broadband connection expenses are often free, or if nothing else, they are discounted. Yet, temporary arrangements will typically have higher forthright expenses. Just as set up and established, it might likewise be essential to pay for the Wi-Fi switch which is generally packaged for nothing. 

Contract length

Various sorts of momentary contacts are accessible. Wiping out expenses can, in any case, apply even to the briefest alternatives, so pick cautiously to guarantee they suit your requirements.

Data usage limit

Some short term arrangements have a month to a monthly data cap. This can be satisfactory for moderately light use. However, we would advise buying a boundless contract to keep away from limitations or additional charges. 

Monthly Cost

Just buying broadband does not mean you get ripped off by companies. Before buying, ensure that you have looked into the cost lists and have chosen the deal that suits you the most. 

Disadvantages Of No-Contract Broadband

As valuable as a no-contract connection can be, there are a few burdens that can mean they are not generally an ideal decision. 

More costly setup expenses

Setup is not regularly free on transient bundles, and you may need to pay for the Wi-Fi switch. 

Higher month to month cost

The monthly cost of monthly contracts and temporary arrangements will frequently be more costly than long-term bundles. 

Fewer package choices

These monthly contracts have a lot less variety than long-term ones. They tend to be less desired than long-term ones.

In conclusion, no-contract broadband without a landline is more expensive but also a better option than home broadband. 

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