Is Sky Broadband Boost Worth It?

Is Sky Broadband Boost Worth It

Is sky broadband boost worth it? if you are looking for an answer to this, I will explain whether you need a boost or not.

Sky Broadband packages are quite fast except the sky basic broadband if you want to make sure your connection works reliably and you are working from then sky Broadband boost would be the recommended choice for you. 

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As the name suggests faster speed, tho that’s not the case, the primary objective of this sky broadband boost feature is to increase the reliability of your connection. The question is why would someone sign up for this when they already have a fast connection, for this reason, they have added some extra features to it for the customers to make this offer quite eye-catching.

One should keep this in mind and is worth noting while signing up for this is that it does not include exterior buildings, such as a separate garage or if you have the separate office in the house, which is already receiving a weak signal it won’t help you. It is all about getting the minimum speed throughout your home.

Is Sky Broadband Boost Worth It


  • Provides you with a new router if you’re an existing user
  • Money-back guarantee, if the speed is not reliable in the home 
  • Available with all Sky broadband packages


  • Extra charges for boost add-on
  • Not suitable for exterior buildings

Sky Broadband Boost: Features

Sky Broadband don does not boost the fast speed of the internet connection, it would take guarantee of the reliable Wifi would reach every corner of the room in your house. It comes up with different features to keep an eye on.

The principal feature of the sky Broadband is the Wifi guarantee. Which would give you 3 Mbps speed in every room of your house. If you are unable to get 3 Mb speed of Wifi in every room of your house with standard broadband sky hub router, you will get a sky Wifi- booster( Sky SE210).

This feature is quite convenient if you own a big house, and you face some issues in having wifi signals to your room then it would be recommended you should go for it.

Sky also provides you with an engineer to make visits on weekends or the time you would select to check if the connection is working properly or not. This would include the checking of the reliability of the Wifi guarantee they have given you.

It provides an automated daily checkup for the customer who has signed up for the sky broadband boost to check the line of your phone. If it’s working properly or not during this period the connection would not be available for 2 mins and if there occurs a problem with the line they would send you a text message with the problem mentioned.

You would get a brand new router with this broadband boost connection which would have a speed of 3 times than the older router according to the sky broadband.

Sky broadband buddy is a parental app that comes with this boost package. It is designed to work both from inside and outside the would work with your mobile connection or either with the Wifi connection inside your home. If you have got kids and they are using the internet more than they use it, it provides a feature to blackout the internet for or makes the timing restrictions through the app.

They have provided free mobile data for the users who are sky mobile network users only if the broadband connections turned off for more than 30 minutes. They would provide you with an additional 2GB of the free data package. This offer is not valid for other mobile network users.


Well, the sky broadband connections are quite costly. Although, they do provide some fast Internet speed. They already provide super Fast fibre broadband service and ultrafast broadband service, they are quite fast you won’t need a sky broadband boost with it, even if you think that this speed would not work out in your home, then sky broadband boost would be recommended for you.

The sky broadband boost would make the internet speed quite reliable but it would cost an extra £5 per month with either of the three packages that represent an extra investment of  £90.

With that investment, they have provided features that are quite worthy, like sky broadband buddy, which would be parental control which would enable the kids not to waste their time just on the internet and playing games etc, the other one is tech team which would check the connection if there occurs an error. Otherwise, without this boost feature, one would have to pay £15 for the maintenance.

Well, if you still don’t get the speed you have required within your home with this sky broadband boost feature, you will get the money back and you would also get this boost for the rest of your contract period of 18months which would also include the brand new router and wifi boosters they have installed with that.

Is Sky Broadband Boost Worth It


Sky broadband boost is surely not the feature when you already got the fastest connection with their super-fast fibre or ultra-fast fibre connection.

That would enable the same speed around the house corners, But if you think that would not be enough for the home with a big family or high usage of data then sky broadband boost would be the option recommended for you, not just this it would also be recommended if someone’s got kids in their home who uses more internet than required or misuse the internet, this might be the best option for them to choose because it comes up with parental control app too, which would allow the parents to restrict the timing of the internet in different timings. 

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