Is BT Broadband Any Good?

Is BT Broadband any good

Without any doubt, BT is holding number one position in terms of numbers and the ‘best-known’ status in the industry. But to judge if it’s the best in terms of cost, actual speeds and customer service, we have to dig in a little. After reading this article, you will have a pretty clear idea of how good BT broadband is and will get the exact answer to your question of “is BT Broadband any good?”

Package Average SpeedDownloadContract Price 
BT Broadband10MBUnlimited 24 Months £24.99(£19.99 setup)
BT Fibre essential36MBUnlimited 24 Months £24.99(£19.99 setup)
BT Fibre 1 50MBUnlimited 24 Months £27.99(£9.99 setup)
BT Fibre 2 67MBUnlimited 24 Months £29.99(£9.99 setup)
BT Full Fibre 100100MBUnlimited 24 Months £39.99(£9.99 setup)
BT Full Fibre 300 300MBUnlimited 24 Months £49.99(£9.99 setup)
BT Full Fibre 900900MBUnlimited 24 Months £59.99(£9.99 setup)

What we like 

  • No big difference between average speed and actual speed.
  • Great broadband packages with high speeds
  • Hybrid fibre optics are used for better speed.
  • Free access to over 5 million WIFI hotspots across the UK
  • Free BT cloud facility to save your important data
  • No traffic management and fair usage policy

What we don’t like 

  • Upfront charges
  • Becomes expensive after the first year 
Is BT Broadband any good

Is BT Broadband Any Good

BT Broadband Speed

The speed of broadband is the main point. Faster the speed will be, the faster you will carry out your tasks and use more devices. However, if your family has more than 2-4 members, you will need a faster internet package. 

The download speeds which BT broadband offers are not very different from what you usually get from other Openreach providers like TalkTalk and EE. But there is one big difference to be mentioned that the basic fibre optic package of BT offers an average speed of 50MB, while the other ISPs limits it to 30-35MB. 

But as we all know, the average speed you will see on any Internet service provider’s website will not be the same as the actual speed you will get. The Ofcom annual UK Home Broadband Performance Report 2019 (published in May 2020) shows the difference between BT’s speed which they advertised and the actual speeds users were getting.

And it was impressive. 

Advertised SpeedsActual Speeds 
36Mbps(fibre essential)27.7-37.6Mbps
50Mps(fibre 1)36.1-54.7Mbps
67Mbps(fibre 2)55.1-73Mbps
100MbpsNo data available yet
300MbpsNo data available yet
900MbpsNo data available yet
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ADSL (Non-fibre)

The standard package of BT (non-fibre)  is called BT broadband. It offers around 10Mbps of speed which may be fast enough for emails, social media, Netflix, for example. But if you are into a heavy downloading, then this might not be for you. It is perfect for small households with two to three persons and light usage of the internet.

Fibre Optic 

BT superfast fibre – 1 and 2

Fibre optic broadband is perfect for you if you are a big family and like to go online a lot. With a whopping 50Mbps speed of BT superfast fibre 1 (unlimited), you can share the broadband with many devices without feeling any slowdown. 

BT superfast fibre 2 provides an average speed of 67Mbps. This is pretty much the same as what you can get from the other internet providers except, of course, Virgin Media, which offers up to 5 times speed. 

Although most of the users report that fibre speed of BT is pretty consistent in most of the UK, still, you will have to consider the area you live in because that can create a big impact on the speed you will actually get. 


To be clear, BT is not the cheapest broadband provider in the UK and you can get a comparatively lower price from the providers like Plusnet and TalkTalk. But being said that, BT is not the most expensive one either. Although you will have to pay more for BT than the other mentioned providers, you get more features. 


BT broadband uses Smart Hub router which they claim to be the UK’s best wi-fi signal carrying router. Seven aerials of the router are positioned so that Smart Hub can easily carry the signals to all the rooms in your house. 

The Smart Hub allows you to connect many devices at a time without any problem with the speed (depends on the package you have). It is a pretty smart device with a built-in filter which blocks the signals coming out of your neighbours’ device that causes internet issues. 

Keep in mind that Smart Hub will not be provided with a standard BT broadband package and you will get BT Home Hub 4 instead. With BT superfast fibre, you get the Smart Hub device.

Customer Service 

Talking about BT broad customer services, Ofcom’s latest Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints Reports (published in Sep 2020) revealed that 12 complaints per 100,000 were registered in the Q1 of 2020. This number is less than its competitors including Vodafone, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Plusnet. 

If we look at the overall customer satisfaction with BT Broadband services, it shows 86% according to Ofcom’s 2019 Comparing Service Quality Report (published in Aug 2020). It is even higher than the industry’s average number of 85%.

Our Verdict 

Overall, BT provides quality broadband services and with the numbers, we have shown in customer service, tells us it’s better than its competitors currently. There is a great balance of speed and price in the packages. Not to forget its smart router with high-end technology. Though it costs more than the other internet providers and charges you upfront (which we really don’t like) it provides the features that are worth it. 

And don’t forget that you will get unlimited free WIFI minutes with BT broadband which means, you can access 5 million hotspots across the UK and the online cloud storage facility available with BT cloud. 

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