How To Set Up Sky Broadband?

How To Set Up Sky Broadband

In this post, I will be discussing how to set up sky broadband.

During this pandemic situation, the demand for broadband has increased drastically. And if you are struggling with slow and unstable broadband, it could be more stressful now, especially if TV, social media and making video calls to your friends are the only activities you are left with. 

However, if you decide to switch your broadband after having enough of it to a better broadband service, how will you set it up? We will guide you through all the thick and thins of this process in this article, so bear with us. 

How To Set Up Sky Broadband

Installation Process 

Let’s start from the beginning and see how the mechanics of Sky broadband installation works. How it works, how long it takes and the difference between the installation of ADSL and fibre-optic broadband.  

Most of the broadband providers in the UK use the Openreach telephone network so if you already have broadband provided by Openreach network, the setup will be quick and easy. It is because BT Openreach owns the network and the providers like Sky buy access and resell it as their own. 

The broadband installation of Sky is almost the same as the other providers which use Openreach network. So if you had broadband that used Openreach, you may already know this process and are free to skip. It is something like the following – 

  1. After you sign up for a specific deal, Sky will give you an approximate installation date. They will likely confirm the exact date and time. 
  2. The technicians from the provider will inform you when they arrive that they are working on your connection. They might not need to access your home as they will work things out outside first. They will ask where you want the entrance of connection though. 
  3. Once they are finished, they will ask to install a box inside your home which connects your house to the network. 
  4. After everything is completed, you will be asked to sign for the work and affirm that everything is working perfectly. Make sure of that yourself before signing. 

This process is the same whether you have ADSL or fibre-optic broadband, at least from your perspective. Most of the work is done outside your home, in the street leading up to your house. 

How to set up Sky Broadband yourself? 

If you are looking to set up your Sky broadband yourself, the question is which Sky Hub do you have? Sky provides three types of broadband Hub depending on your package. But not all of them are the same and they have different setups depending on your master socket or internet calls. But you don’t have to worry because we will guide you with easy step-by-step instructions.

Note: your broadband will not work before the activation date mentioned on the box (anytime up to midnight), so you will have to wait until then before setting up your broadband.

Sky recommends connecting your broadband into your master phone socket for optimal speeds and stable connection. Look for a socket that has a line in the middle, usually found where the line comes into your house, with a BT/Openreach/Eircom logo printed on it.

Sky Hub

Setting up Sky Hub is pretty easy and straightforward but first, you have to see what kind of socket you have. You might have a socket that just has a phone port or the one which has both ports, the phone and the internet.  

If you have a socket which has both the ports, then you won’t need a microfilter to plug into your master socket, but you will have to in the case of a socket with just a phone port. There is no need to panic as it is not a big issue and all you need is a microfilter and you are good to go. 

Let’s get to it. 

Positioning your Hub  

To get better and strengthen signals out of the hub, positioning is really important. Fo that, you have to position the hub according to the following steps:  

  • Place your router in the open – not in a cabinet or a drawer, on the ground or hanging behind or besides TV. There should be at least 30cm of free space around the router. 
  • Make sure there is no wireless device placed near the router like a cordless phone or baby monitor. 
  •  If you want strong signals for a specific area or a room where you use the internet mostly, then try to put the router near that area, if possible.

Set up

Let’s set it up.

Step 1. Unplug all the cables that are already connected to your master socket.

(You can Ignore Step 2 and jump to Step 3 if you have a socket with the both, phone and internet ports) 

Step 2. Take your microfilter and plug it into the master socket. It will be the one which is the largest out of all little white boxes that came with the hub.

Step 3. Now, plug one end of the grey DSL cable in the internet port of your master socket (“into the Sky Hub port on the microfilter” in case of a socket with just a phone port) and plug the other end into the purple port on your hub. 

Step 4. If you have a landline then plug its cable into the phone port of the master socket. If you want more than one phone then you will need a splitter and plug it into the phone port.

Note: If you have a socket with only a phone port, then the splitter has to be plugged-in into a microfilter and not into the master socket directly.  

Step 5. Now plug the blue end of the power cable into the blue port, at the bottom of the hub. Then plug the other end of the cable, which will be the power plug, into the mains and switch it on. 

Step 6. Look for the lights on the Sky hub, if they turn white, it means the set up is done and ready for use. It will take about 2 minutes tops. 

Note: your hub might need an update and it will start updating automatically. So, if your internet seems slow or unstable, don’t worry as it takes about 20 minutes only. 

How To Set Up Sky Broadband

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