How To Read OVO Smart Meter?

How to read OVO smart meter

In this post, i will be explaining how to read OVO smart meter.

Smart meters are the latest and new generation of gas and electricity meters, and as the name states, they are pretty smart. The best thing about these meters is that they have the ability to send and share your meter readings automatically with your energy supplier through a secure and fully encrypted wireless network. 

In simple words, no need to lift even a finger during the whole process.

Besides, not all smart meters are the same, and you will find various brands and products on the market. One of the most reliable brands is the OVO. Launched back in 2009, OVO brings the most reliable smart meters that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

In this article, we will talk and know about the OVO smart meters and other vital information that you must know before installing one. Furthermore, we also show you how to read OVO smart meters and how to submit and see your OVO smart meter readings.

Identify Smart Meter Types:

Presently, you will find two types of smart meters on the market. The first generation of smart meters is known as SMETS1, while the latest one is SMETS2. Currently, suppliers are installing the SMETS2 meters. The rollout was started in 2018. So, if your meter was fitted before 2018, then it is a SMETS1-type smart meter.

You can also check your meter’s types via the electricity meter’s serial number. If the serial number starts with 19P, this means the meter is a SMETS1. If you see a 19M serial number, then you are using the SMETS2 type smart meter.

How to read OVO smart meter?

How to read an OVO SMETS 1 smart meter:

This is quick and simple. To read your OVO SMETS 1 smart meter, just push nine on your smart meter keypad, and it will show you the meter reading. The OVO smart meter shows electricity readings in kilowatt-hours (kWh). As for the gas reading, it is represented in cubic meters.

However, if you are using a smart electricity meter via Economy 7 tariff, you need to press 6 one time and then press it again three more times. 

Then you will see the ‘IMP R01’ option. By doing so, you can easily view your off-peak (night-time) meter reading in kWh. Now, press the 6 number again, and you will find the IMP R02 option. This will provide you daytime meter readings.

If you are still unsure or thinking, don’t worry; we are there for you. Continue reading this guide that will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process, and by the end of this guide, you will know how to read OVO smart meters.

How to read an OVO SMETS2 smart meter:

This one is pretty simple. If you have OVO SMETS2 electricity meters, you need to press the ‘A’ button three times, and it will show your meter readings.

Where to submit my OVO meter readings? 

OVO asks its customers to submit their meter readings to their officials through their online account or via the official OVO app. It becomes extremely simple for you to submit meter readings in this way. To help you out, we have also discussed this issue below in this read.

How to submit OVO smart meter readings:

Here is how to submit your OVO smart meter’s reading via your online account:

  • Sign in to your OVO online account.
  • You will see ‘Meter Readings’; click on it.
  • Now input your 5 digit reading for electricity and 4 digits reading for gas into the designated boxes. Don’t submit readings in decimal. Then click on the Submit button.

Reading and understanding OVO smart meter:

It’s time to understand and get friendly with your new OVO smart meter. Before we begin, it’s important to mention that OVO smart meters are made to work for many different countries, so you will find some signs that will be irrelevant to your country. Just ignore those signs.

Furthermore, you will find various features in the OVO smart meter. Some common functions are explained below for your ease.

Feed-in Tariff Function: If you are using a Feed-In Tariff, you will see E1 or E2 symbols, showing you whether you’re importing or exporting electricity.

Plug-in Function: it shows you whether your electricity is ON, OFF, or READY. The plug symbol is for electricity, while the flame symbol is for gas. If you see OFF or READY, it means that your meter is off. In this case, press any key or button to wake it up.

Message Symbol: Message symbols show you unread messages or notifications on your smart meter. It will lit when you have unread messages.

M3 symbol: This sign represents a unit of energy. Cubic meters represent gas while kWh (kilowatt-hours) is for electricity.

HAN Sign: It is the abbreviation of Home Area Network. Through this wireless network, OVO smart meters communicate with your IHD and supplier.

Are opening meter readings important? 

An opening meter reading is the first reading that you will send after signing up. It allows OVO to open your account with correct details, and hence you will get accurate energy bills right from the start. Furthermore, OVO will share these readings with your previous supplier.

When to give my opening meter readings?

The best time is to give the reading between four days before and four days after your supply starts. However, OVO will notify you about the same, and if you forget to send they will ask you to submit the opening readings. 

However, if you don’t reply to them, they will use the estimated readings. The biggest problem with estimated readings is that you will either pay too much or too less and it might give you a negative balance.

How often should I take OVO smart meter readings? 

If you are using OVO smart meter, no need to take your meter readings manually. Your smart meter will share the readings to the concerns automatically if it’s working fine. But if you are using a traditional meter, you need to send your meter readings to your energy supplier every month.

Why taking regular meter readings are necessary?

This is because it is related to your billing. Through your meter readings, energy suppliers can figure out how much energy you’ve actually consumed, and hence they will charge you accordingly, not on the estimates.

OVO smart meters send meter readings on their own if they are working fine. However, you can also send manual readings to your energy suppliers. If they don’t get your meter reading, they will charge you on the estimates or your last month’s consumption.  

Can you take a reading for a prepayment meter? 

If you are using a conventional prepayment meter, you should note your meter reading when you move into your house and then submit the readings to your supplier.

But things are straightforward in the OVO smart meter. You can quickly check how much credit is available on the screen. Furthermore, all these things are also available in the OVO official app.

How to read OVO smart meter

How do meter readings manage my monthly energy expenses and Direct Debits?

Up-to-date meter readings show your supplier how much gas or electricity you are actually consuming in your home, And they will charge you accurately, not on assumptions on a monthly basis.

This is handy for all users as you will not be overcharged or undercharged and only pay the right amount to your supplier.

This will ensure that you will not owe any money to your supplier at the end of your billing year. Accurate smart meter readings also help you remain on the right track and adjust your energy expenses accordingly.

Why OVO Smart meters are the best?

The best thing about OVO smart meters is that they are free! Furthermore, OVO is a brand that you can blindly trust. Customer service is also top-notch, and you will start enjoying great tariffs and other benefits as soon as the smart meter is installed at your home.

Moreover, OVO smart meter sends your meter readings automatically. You can also view your consumption in real-time via the In-Home Display that is also free and included in the purchase.

Plus, the OVO’s online account facility is amazing. It enables you to view your meter readings, spending, and much more in no time. Besides, they also have a secure and user-friendly app so that you can view the details on your phone.

In the end:

Reading your OVO smart meter is simple, but we know and understand that reading any smart meter can be a bit tricky, especially for new users. 

Similarly, getting meter readings can also be a little fiddly. Thus, if you need any help or assistance, you can get in touch with the OVO representative or view the OVO Forum. We are sure that you will get an immediate and satisfactory reply from OVO!

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