How to read a smart meter npower?

How to read a smart meter npower

In this post, I will be explaining how to read a smart meter npower is offering.

To support the UK government’s drive of low-carbon energy systems, it’s the user of all citizen to install the smart meters and say no to old-style meters. As per the UK government every home and business will be equipped with the smart meter by the end of 2024.

In the place of traditional meter, government has rollout the new smart meters. These meters are useful due to various purposes and eliminates the need to submit meter readings manually.

One of the reliable brand in the industry is the npower. The brand has every thing in their arsenal to meet your energy consumption including the smart meters. Npower has been a backbone of the UK energy business since decades. Operating since 2002, Npower is the best and leading energy supplier of UK and right now it is a subsidiary of EON.

Npower Smart Meters:

Npower smart meters uses a secure connectivity to submit and share your meter readings. It works via Vodafone Global SIM and its services are available across the UK. Your npower smart meter can send a monthly or daily reading. Plus, you can also set the frequency to 48 half-hourly profile readings. Npower smart meter also comes with In Home Display that allows you to view all updates, along with a map of the daily consumption.

Benefits of Npower Smart Meters:

  • You can connect it anywhere across the UK.
  • Sends and receives data automatically.
  • Creates a roadmap for you to give you an enhanced home experience.
  • Wide user base with excellent customer ratings.
  • Offers seamless network testing environment to deliver excellent technical infrastructure.
  • “Vodafone’s network provides valuable user experience. 

How to read a smart meter npower

Before we proceed to how you can read your Npower smart meter let’s quickly checkout the different offering by Npower:

Npower Digital meters

These meters feature a digital display screen. To take reading in a digital meter, note down the numbers that you see on the screen. If you see any decimal points, ignore them and round the number to the nearest. Furthermore, you need to note down the display for each rate, such as for night and day, low or normal, A1 or A2, R1 or R2 or Rate 1 or Rate 2.

Some things to consider here are:

The rates might display in some meters together.

The display might change between the various rates by its own.

In some meters you will have to press any button to see different rates.

Npower Smart meters

If you are using Npower’s electricity single rate smart meter, you can see the reading on the display. These are by default and no need to do anything.

If you are using Npower’s electricity dual rate smart meter, you need to press and release the blue button and then it will give you Rate 2 along with readings.

For Npower gas smart meters, press and hold the blue or red ‘A’ button for up to ten seconds. Next you will see ‘Credit ON’ button. Press and release the button ‘A’ again to see the meter readings.

What to if My Npower smart meter’s display stops working?

If you’re having issues with your smart meter or its in-home display then try resetting the device. To reset the device follow these simple steps:

Unplug your in home display from the mains and shut it off. You will see a tiny on/off push button on the device. Hold the button for a few seconds and device will turn off.

Now take your in-home display near to your smart electricity meter.

Now, turn on the device by pressing the on/off button. The device will turn on resync.

If this process doesn’t work for you call the Npower helpline and discuss the matter with the experts.

How often Npower receives my smart meter readings?

It’s up to you and you have the rights to set the meter reading frequency. You can choose how much data Npower collects via your smart electric meter. The available options for you are:

  • Half hourly – in this case your information is recorded in every 30 minutes and sent daily along with your meter reading to the concerns.
  • Daily – in this case your information is recorded in every 24 hours and at the month end. (This is the standard setting in all Npower smart meters.)
  • Monthly – here your information is recorded once in a month, along with daily meter readings if necessary.

You can change or modify these settings if you want, there are no restrictions. Moreover, if you forget your settings, don’t worry. Npower’s officials will remind you every year regarding your settings and then you can set those as per your needs.

How to read a smart meter npower

Are my data and personal details safe with Npower?

Yes. Npower follows international security and encryption standards to send the data from your smart meter to the concerns. Furthermore, only Npower can share or convey the instructions to your smart meter, not any third party or company. Besides, Npower also follows the Ofgem approved Smart Meter Installation Practice Code. This also ensures your privacy.

However, in some cases Npower may pass your data and other information to other companies that manage your official account. This data and information sharing is limited and done by the Npower’s management under a set criteria. Plus, it is only done when required and to some extent.

Additionally, you can be rest assured that Npower will not share your data or personal info with any other company without your consent.

How my Npower smart meters work?

After the installation of your new Npower smart meter, the team will guide you regarding the smart meter and its functions. They will properly teach you how to use it, how to read Npower smart meter and how it works. If you are not done with that, the meter comes with a detailed user guide and tips regarding how to make your place more energy-efficient. Moreover, the user guide will also show you how to compare your energy consumption daily, weekly and monthly. And you can also ask questions to the installation team if needed.

However, to read your Npower smart electricity meter with a standard tariff, follow these basic steps:

  • First, press 9 button on the keypad. You will see series of letters like IMP KWH.
  • Next, write down the eight digits that are followed by kWh. You can see them at the screen’s bottom side. This is your smart meter reading.

To read your Npower smart gas meter with a standard tariff, follow these steps:

  • First press 9 button on the keypad. You will see a VOLUME sign on the smart meter screen.
  • Next, pen down the six digits that are followed by an ‘m3.’ You can see this at the screen’s bottom right. When taking the meter reading note down first five digits only.

How do I submit a meter reading?

Npower recommends all its users to submit their meter reading through their online app or account as it is the simplest and the quickest way of submission. However, you can email them as well at or contact on 0808 501 5200.

Will Npower take my meter’s reading every month?

Yes they will take your meter reading at every month. This is because they want to bill you on your actual consumption not on the estimates. Hence Npower will email you at each month end as a reminder. However, if you forget to send your meter reading, no need to worry. They will send you reminder or else they will charge you with an estimated bill after three months.

Some advices and suggestions about the Npower smart meter installation:

In the end keep following things in mind before the installation of your Npower smart meter.

Before coming to your place, Npower’s engineers will call you and tell you that they are coming for the installation. So, ensure that you have submitted the correct phone number on your Npower online account.

Remember that the Npower smart meter’s installation will take about two hours.

Ensure that access to the meter’s location is clean and clear. This will reduce the installation time and save you from unforeseen events. 

Ensure that engineers can access the worksite easily without moving any large or heavy objects. If you notice that the space is not cleared, remove the hurdles or let the Npower know in advance so that they can figure out the solution for you.

During the installation, your gas and electricity supplies will not be available for at least an hour. 

Lastly, we will advise you to turn off all the electrical appliances such as ovens, computers, TVs or satellite systems during the installation. If you cannot switch off any medical equipment, let the Npower know before the installation.

In the end:

We hope that now you understand how to read Npower smart meter. After installing the Npower smart meter no need to crawl in the dark basements just to take meter readings, instead your meter will automatically send it your energy supplier and you will be billed on the actual consumption not on the estimates.

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