How to Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim?

How to Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

If you have selected to pay for cell phone insurance, there may come a time when you have to claim that insurance. Shockingly, just like any other insurance, just buying insurance does not mean that you will get the money. So, the purpose of this post is to help you understand how to make a successful mobile phone insurance claim!

Every mobile phone has a unique insurance plan. Whether it is the conditions that are required to claim the insurance or the model of the phone insured. If you have an appropriate cover and follow the right methods when making a case and claiming the insurance, you are bound to be successful. 

How to Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim?

What insurance policy you have opted?

Before you start the process of claiming your mobile phone insurance, you need to ensure that it’s covered. Whatever the circumstances may be which require you to apply for an insurance claim, you need to make sure that the insurance company covers it.

Whether it’s a case of theft, lost or damaged phone. You can find out what your insurance company covers by looking over their policies and terms and conditions. 

What insurance companies cover?

Every insurance company covers phones with basic problems. This includes losing the phone, the phone is stolen, there has been some unrecoverable damage to the phone, liquid damage, and if the phone has some manufacturing defects.

Some insurance companies are generous enough to cover cracked screens and breakdown as well. 

Why your insurance claim may be rejected

Most insurances have a number of hidden restrictions in the ‘fine print’ of the insurance policy. This can lead to your insurance being denied despite following the proper procedure and arranging all documents.

Here are some of the reasons why your insurance claim may be rejected.

  • ‘In Sight / Arms Reach’ clauses 

 This clause claims that any property that is secured in bags or jacket pockets is not eligible for claiming to ensure. Anything close to your hand, in-reach, or at arm’s length, the insurance company has a right to deny the claim.

For example, if your phone was stolen from your bag during a rush-hour at a coffee shop, you cannot claim insurance. 

  • Force / Threat clauses 

 This clause claims that if a phone was stolen right in front of you, without the use of physical harm, then you are not eligible for an insurance claim.

This clause is quite unfair. For example, A woman surrounded by a group of men demanding her phone might not cause her physical harm but they do threaten her safety. 

  • Reporting within 24 hours 

This clause is quite simple. Insurance companies state that any stolen or lost mobile phone should be reported within 24 hours. If you miss the period, you will no longer be entertained for an insurance claim. 

  • Accidental Damage 

 One of the most common reasons one asks for an insurance claim is accidental damage. Insurance companies do cover accidental damages but have a lot of restrictions on it such as water damage is not insured. 

How to Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim

Steps to be followed to ensure a successful insurance claim

Before applying for an insurance claim, ensure that you know your policy. Read through all the papers and the fine print. Most insurances will have rejections, which implies that some things won’t be secured. Comprehending what your insurance does and doesn’t cover will spare you wasting your time petitioning for a case that won’t be paid.

However, reading the policies might help you find something unexpected, like insurance covering a cracked screen.  

Another significant reason to peruse your insurance’s terms and conditions is so you know precisely what the methods are for documenting a claim. As a rule, you will need to have a police report before you can make a case for a stolen telephone, and that means making a trip to your neighbourhood station to get the suitable paperwork.

You will spare yourself time and bother by knowing precisely what you have to do if your mobile is lost, stolen, or damaged. Also, you will spare your case being denied because you didn’t follow the procedure. 

Certain documents are needed to handle mobile phone insurance claims, so ensure you have the appropriate ones in your ownership. These include confirmation of purchase for example a receipt for the telephone bought by the company which also includes the telephone’s IMEI number.

Likewise, a Crime Reference/Stolen Property number and a duplicate of the Police Crime or Stolen Report, which you ought to acquire when you tell the neighbourhood police that your telephone is either lost or stolen. This is fundamental whether your telephone is lost or stolen in the UK or abroad. 

The inability to deliver these documents could defer your case or even render it ineffective. Most telephone insurance companies have a set period in which the individual is to report lost or stolen mobiles to the proper neighbourhood authorities, generally 24 hours.

You are also expected to tell your telephone network supplier, as a rule inside 24 hours, with the goal that they can block your mobile to avoid unapproved calls and messages. Furthermore, remember to inform your telephone insurance supplier ASAP as well. They usually have a time of 48hrs within which they should be informed. 

However, while informing all appropriate companies, ensure that you are telling the absolute truth. Decorating your story or lying about the conditions where your mobile phone was either lost, stolen, or damaged is a dangerous risk. Telephone insurance suppliers have zero resilience with regards to extortion and will search out the truth. 

Regardless of whether you are guaranteeing for a lost, stolen, or harmed mobile, ensure you give however much detailed information as could reasonably be expected to help with the case.

What’s more, if your telephone is harmed, keep hold of the broken parts as these will be needed for the investigation.

Also, don’t, whatever you do, take out telephone insurance after the mishap and claim that the mishap occurred before taking out insurance money. The insurance company does an in-depth investigation and will find out the truth. 

If you follow all these steps and ensure that all documentation is in place, you are bound to be successful in claiming your insurance. 

Mishaps happen quite frequently and buying insurance to stay protected is a good decision. However, when buying, ensure that your insurance is the right one for you and covers any damages that you might be expecting.

Follow all the steps and stay clear of any reason that might cause rejection, and you can successfully claim mobile phone insurance. 

Hope this short guide must have answered to your question of How to Make A Successful Mobile Phone Insurance Claim.

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