How to Connect Sky HD Box to Broadband?

How to Connect Sky HD Box to Broadband

If you are looking for an answer to ” how to connect sky HD Box to Broadband” I will share some easy tips for you to get it done easily.

Sky company is a hugely successful telecommunications business in the UK. It adds directly to your TV an incredible amount of programming. They stumbled into providing fast broadband to benefit from this, and have since grown into one of the largest broadband providers.

Accessible in the UK, Sky Broadband provides super-fast download speeds of 76Mbps through its fibre optic-based broadband devices. This is perfect for uploading music and videos rapidly in a flash. If you are a Sky client for your TV, there is a strong chance that you will also be a Sky Broadband client.

What is Sky HD Box? 

Whenever you bought your Sky subscription, the company presented you with two options for the set-up box. Sky HD was the basic option that does not require extra cost. Sky HD 2TB is a more advanced box and requires extra payment to be made.  

The primary draw of Sky’s TV boxes is that you can utilize them to pause, rewind, and record live TV – 185 hours of standard-definition television (or 60 hours of HD) on the ordinary Sky+ HD box, or a huge 1180 hours (350 hours of HD) on a 2TB one. Believe it or not, you can store a month and a half of catch-up TV on one single box. The clever technology allows you to record two things immediately while watching something different that you have recorded, and the Smart Series Link ensures you won’t miss a scene of your favourite TV shows. 

As its name recommends, the case is HD prepared as well, which is extraordinary considering Sky’s TV bundles include up to 73 HD channels. It likewise supports 3D shows, which will be accessible on-demand since Sky shut its devoted 3D channel. 

A Sky set-top box means you will have the option to utilize its easy to use, and excessively simple TV guide. The home page has a couple of highlights to assist you with finding new TV and movies to watch as well: there are Suggestions, where Sky will give you a few suggestions depending on what you have recorded and downloaded, and Top Picks, where you can find out what’s hot at this moment. 

You will require a broadband connection to be able to access all the on-demand content that Sky has to bring to the table, and the box makes this simpler with built-in Wi-Fi. That means it will connect with your web and there’s no compelling reason to mess with massive links everywhere around the house.

So how can you connect your Sky HD box to your broadband? Here are the steps that one will need to follow. 

How to Connect Sky HD Box to Broadband

How to Connect Sky HD Box to Broadband

Wired Connection 

A quicker and more secure internet link or network connection may result from connecting to the internet using an Ethernet cable. 

At the rear of your Sky box, plug one end of the yellow or black cable into the broadband socket. 

2. At the rear of your router, plug the other end of the cable into one of the ports open. 

Your Sky box can then connect to your broadband automatically.

Wireless Connection 

If your box and hub have these or using your WiFi password, you can connect using the WPS buttons. 

WPS Connecting 

Press and hold the WPS button on your router for three seconds (until it flashes), then press the WPS button on your Sky box immediately. The wireless light on your Sky box flashes amber and, when paired, turns solid amber.

Connecting with Wi-Fi Password 

  • On your Sky remote, press facilities, then pick Settings, then Network. 
  • Pick Password Link. 
  • Choose your network with Wi-Fi and enter your password. You will find your network and password info on the back or bottom of your Sky hub or broadband router if you haven’t already updated them. 
  • Your Sky box needs to be wired to the internet now.

Activate your subscription channels on your TV

  • Go to channel 106 and you can see “You need to match your Sky viewing card with your Sky+HD.” 
  • Press select and you will see the “Application has been successful” message. 
  • After a couple of minutes, your channels will be open. 
  • By signing in with your Sky iD, you can do this online as well.

After you are done setting up, it is advised to make some final checks. Here are some ways of making final checks. 

Check Channel 108: Depending on your package, you can see either Sky Atlantic or Sky Atlantic HD. 

Check your planner: highlight a program on your Sky remote and push the record button. It will be saved and should appear in your planner. 

Check Sky Sports / Sky Cinema: Check that you can watch these channels if you have subscribed to Sky Sports and/or Sky Cinema. 

If you have failed one or more of these checks and see the error message, “For this Sky+HD package, this is the wrong viewing card,” re-insert your viewing card and re-try measures 2 and 3.

What to do if the Sky HD box is not connecting to broadband?

More often than not, this can be because of the weather or a loose wire. Let’s take a look at some other possibilities if you can rule out the weather as something that impacts your Sky box signal. Here’s how to get your Sky box to connect in four simple steps with your router: 

  • Firstly, disconnect from the box your Sky on-demand connector and completely turn off your Sky box. 
  • Wait and reconnect the on-demand cable for a few minutes and turn your Sky box back on. 
  • To try and create a link with the router, load your Sky box and go to the Network tab.
  • If you do not see a choice to connect via WPS, password, or PIN to the router, then the on-demand connector may be a problem. 

This will allow your box to connect to the router, more often than not, and you can watch your favourite channels without hassle.

Entertainment services have made streaming devices like the Skybox for their clients with the goal that they can access on-demand shows, motion pictures, and tv series. They are easy to understand, however, once in a while their instruction guide may scare you. In any case, once you get the hang of it, you would appreciate the advantages of having a wide variety of channels to watch.

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