How To Connect Landline Phone To WiFi Router

How To Connect Landline Phone To WiFi Router

If you want to know how to connect landline phone to WiFi router or how to do so, then you are looking right at the solution. Connecting your telephone to a landline is easy and straightforward if you have a voice over the internet (VoIP) service. 

With time, everything is shifting from analogue to the digital world. Now the internet is not a luxury anymore as it was 10-15 years ago, it has become a necessity. And in this situation, not having an internet means you are cut off from the whole world. Anyway, let’s get into the process but before that, it is important to know what VoIP service is. 

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Voice Over the Internet service (VoIP)

When you make a call through your telephone it transmits your phone call over the phone lines, as old this technology is, everyone knows that. But with VoIP, when you make a call, it connects you over the internet rather than phone lines. There is no difference in terms of experience as VoIP provides all the services which your regular telephone can provide. You can get more than just voice calls from VoIP as it also carries a potential of video conference calls as well.

To make the connection, you won’t need any technician or engineer from your provider as it is quite easy and simple and in no time your setup will be up and running. 

How To Connect Landline Phone To WiFi Router

How To Connect Landline Phone To WiFi Router

The mechanism on which this system works is simple, the voice signals transmitted from your landline will go to the router when connected and will be turned into digital signals. Then these signals will travel through the internet and connect you to the other side. It requires a DSL or any high-speed internet to connect your landline phone to the router by following these simple steps: 

  • First of all, turn off and unplug the modem before plugging or unplugging any cable at the back of the modem. 
  • Now you will need an Ethernet cable. Locate the port at the back of your landline phone to the Wi-Fi router where you have to insert the Ethernet cable. Now connect the other end of the Ethernet with the corresponding port on the back of the modem or DSL. 
  • Now take another Ethernet cable and connect it with the LAN port that is found on the back of the landline phone to the Wi-Fi router. And the other end has to be connected to the Ethernet port of your PC or laptop. 
  • Now take the cable from your analogue home phone to the back of the landline phone to Wi-Fi router. Then connect it to the router and Phone Adaptor port, usually found at the back and sometimes labelled as “phone 1”.

That’s it. Your landline phone is now all set up and connected to the Wi-Fi and is ready to use.

  • Now turn on the modem and the desktop or a laptop (whatever you connect) and wait for the lights to start blinking in a normal pattern as before. 
  • Wait and allow the computer and the modem to get stable.
  • Then turn ON your landline phone to Wi-Fi router and leave it until you see the blinking indicator lights on the route, green and steady.
  • By now, you have set up the connection and just testing of the system is left. For that, simply pick up your handset and look if there is any dial tone that you can hear or not. You can also make a test call.

NOTE: There is no need to turn on your PC every time you make a call.   

Moreover, if you have a landline phone to a Wi-Fi router that works as a modem as well as high-speed internet connection, then you can follow these simple steps below. 

  • Be careful with the electrical devices and make sure to turn off them before doing anything such as connecting wires. So before anything, turn off your landline phone to Wi-Fi router. 
  • Look for a port labelled as “input” at the rear of your landline phone to Wi-Fi router. That’s where you will connect your landline phone.
  • Now take the phone cable and connect its one end with your phone and the other corresponding end to the port labelled as “phone”.
  • After making sure that all the connections are properly connected, turn ON your landline phone to a Wi-Fi router. Check the indicator lights and if they are green and steady, you have an up and running system ready to work. 
  • For testing purposes, make a phone call and check the connection is all fine. You can also tell that by the dial tone which you will be able to listen to if everything is working fine.

What should you know before proceeding with these above-mentioned methods?

The most important thing that you should always keep in mind is what type of internet connection you have and what the average speed of the connection is. Being honest, the speed of the internet connection depends on your broadband provider, the distance from the cell tower and what bundle of the internet you have.  

In the case of a problem

If you face any issue regarding the connection or you are not able to make a call, the first thing you should do is check all your wires and cable connections. If you can’t hear any dial tone, check for the connection again because these types of problems might occur due to the poor connection of the wires.

If the latter does not solve your issue, check whether the phone unit which you are using is in proper working condition or not. And in a case where you are unable to find the ports mentioned at the back of the landline phone to Wi-Fi router or modem then, unfortunately, you will not be able to connect your landline phone to Wi-Fi router. 

However, if there is any problem for which you are unable to find a solution, we recommend you to always call someone who is an expert in the field and can analyze and fix the problem.

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