How to Cancel Vodafone Broadband?

How to Cancel Vodafone Broadband?

Do you want to cancel your Vodafone broadband service? Are you switching to another provider or are you considering cancelling your subscription because of technical or personal issues you might be facing with the company’s performance? The purpose of this short guide is to answer your question of ” how to cancel Vodafone Broadband”.

How to cancel Vodafone broadband


The broadband service that is offered by Vodafone to its customers includes a contract that asks the user to choose whichever plan suits them best. This plan is then laid out on terms, conditions and procedures.

Considering cancellation

If you’ve been using your Vodafone broadband and are now considering to cancel it, Vodafone online guides and virtual chat rooms, helplines are always there for their customers. If you’re a UK resident, you can follow the listed detailed steps below to comfortably carry out your desired task; cancelling your broadband service.

Cancelling before contract ends

First 14 Days

If you are into the first 14 days of the contract, then cancelling it won’t put any additional money load on you for the remaining months.
But if you have already started using the service, then you would be asked to pay for all that you have used. Such as the fees of installation, connection, activation and maintenance of the service, costs for international calls etc.

After 14 Days

When you buy a broadband package from Vodafone, they offer you a deal that has a minimum time contract of 24 months. If you are considering cancelling your package after the 14 days but before your contract is over, note that you would have to pay charges for the remaining months of your contract as well at the time of cancellation.
Before actually cancelling your broadband, check if you can wait for the contract to end as early termination proves not to be good for your finances.

Early Termination Fee

The termination fee is equal to your monthly charge amount multiplied by the number of months that are remaining in your contract.
If you cancel a contract for your plan before your agreement ends, you’ll need to pay an early termination fee. The fee is based on your monthly plan charge and the remaining time left on your contact and can be calculated as follows:
Monthly line rental charge (exc. VAT) X remaining contract (months) X 98%
(As described in the Vodafone terms and conditions about cancelling processes)

Moving into an area where Vodafone isn’t available

If you are dropping your package just because you are moving your residence to a place where Vodafone broadband service is not available, then in this situation you will not be asked to pay the additional costs of the remaining months in your contract.

But you can still try to improve the coverage of Vodafone broadband around your home in order to keep using the service.

Switching to an alternative service 

If broadband is still required, you can also consider to simply switch to an Openreach service. In this way, there will be no problem for you as the provider will manage most of the tasks.

But there are different situations that one can be facing. Following are listed the possible options you can choose from while cancelling.

How to Cancel Vodafone Broadband

Keeping Vodafone mobile number

Using PAC code

If you only want to cancel your Vodafone broadband service and would like to continue using your Vodafone mobile number, then you can easily follow the PAC Code Process (termed as the Porting Authorization Code process) to switch to a new network while keeping the same mobile number.

For this particular method, you can message PAC to 65075 to get your PAC code from the company. Or you can call at the company’s customer care centre by calling 191 from a Vodafone handset or alternatively dialling 03333 040 191 from any other mobile you are using. You can talk to the assistants to cancel your broadband service while keeping your number.

Make sure you call them in their opening hours (Monday-Friday 8 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am-9 pm, Sunday 8 am-9 pm).

You can also use the online method to cancel your package simply by logging in to My Vodafone Website. After successfully logging in, just go to your Account Settings and then Mobile Switching.

These methods are for you if you want to cancel your subscription with Vodafone to join another mobile network and you want to keep your old phone number in use.

Staring with a new number

Using STACK code

If you want to join another mobile network and would like to drop your old Vodafone mobile number as well, then you can go with the process of STAC Code (Service Termination Authorization Code).
This is for you to choose if you want to join a new mobile network with a fresh number to continue with.
This option allows you to cancel the service using either text message or by a phone call to the company or by simply checking into your website account online.

Both PAC and STAC processes have the advantage that no 30 day notice period before cancellation is required by the user. You will only be charged for the time your PAC or STAC codes were in use when you are outside the term of your minimum signed contract. That is to say that no additional costs will be needed.
However, if you are in the minimum term of your signed contract then an early quit fee will still be applied at the time of cancellation.

Standard Vodafone cancellation

This method should only be used if you are not switching to a new mobile network. This one is a rather time taking and expensive method to choose because it includes only one way of cancelling and that is to call at the company customer service centre and talk to the assistant to cancel your subscription service.

For this, you will need to dial 191 from your Vodafone handset. Then you will be given a 30 day notice period while you will have to pay the line rental for the running month.

Because of the complications of this one type of method, it is always recommended to go for the previously listed options; PAC or STAC codes.

Further Customer support

Online chats with virtual assistants at Vodafone company are also available if you want to get more information and want to ask questions about the cancellation process.
But still, you would have to call at Vodafone to successfully manage your broadband cancellation.

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