How To Cancel Virgin Broadband?

How To Cancel Virgin Broadband

In this short post, I will answer your question of how to cancel virgin broadband?

You can cancel your Virgin Media Broadband service for many reasons whether you are moving to another address where the services of Virgin Media are not available or the speed of the broadband is not what you have been promised. 

There are many ways to cancel and even more technicalities in this process but one thing is for sure, it won’t be an easy process no matter what. In this piece, we are going to make this process as easy and clear for you as possible. 

The most important factor to be focused on is whether you are planning to cancel the broadband in mid-contract or not. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cancelling Virgin Media Broadband in both cases, whether you are in contract or it has expired. 

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How To Cancel Virgin Broadband

Early Termination Charges 

If you are planning on to cancel Virgin Media Broadband when there are still months left until the end of the contract, you are subject to an initial 30-day notice and Virgin Media is going to charge you for all the months remaining on the contract and not only that, they will penalise you with, what they call “Disconnection Fees” or “Cancellation Fee”. 

Virgin Media argues it would not be profitable if customers cancel the services in the middle of the contract and name it “compensation” rather than a fee, paid to them for setting you up with the services you won’t be using. Cancellation fee might not be very high and is capped at a maximum £240. However, you will have to return all of the kit provided by Virgin Media including TV box and router (if you have one). 

The terms and conditions of Virgin Media’s cancellation process are very tricky and one can not be sure about what exactly you have to pay in the shape of the cancellation fee. You may be charged 100% fees, which means your monthly payments for the remaining months in your contract. Or you might have to pay 80-85% of the remaining monthly tariff. 

Virgin Media Broadband PackageEarly Exit Fee
M50 Broadband£30.54 per remaining month
M100 Broadband£35.52 per remaining month
M100 Broadband with Oomph£32.20 per remaining month
M200 Broadband£40.50 per remaining month
M200 Broadband with Oomph£37.18 per remaining month
M350 Broadband£45.48 per remaining month
M500 Broadband£50.46 per remaining month
Gig1 Broadband£49.98 per remaining month

When you don’t have to pay early termination charges?  

Well, there are not many cases where you can dodge early termination charges and most of the time you will be paying them. But there are some exceptions where you are not obliged to pay a single penny in terms of early termination charges. 

  1. Speed Issues 

If Virgin Media is not keeping up its promise and is not providing you with the speed they promised at the time of your signup, then you might have a good reason to cancel the contract before it ends. And that too without paying any termination fees. You should and will have to give Virgin Media a chance to Virgin Media to fix any speed related issues, and if they fail to do so, you are free to quit. 

  1. Price Hike 

If Virgin Media gets profit-hungry and decides to increase the prices in the middle of your contract, they are bound to inform you with a notice 30 days before they do so. And if they do so, and charge you more than they promised at the time of signup, you can cancel free of charge within 30 days of the notice. 

  1. “Cooling off period” 

This period is referred to as the starting days of the services (including the day you sign up) and lasts for 14 days. In this period you can cancel the Virgin Media Broadband and you will also get your money back which you have already paid for the first month and setup fees (if any). However, you will be charged for any calls or Pay-per-view TV that you have watched.

How To Cancel Virgin Broadband

Cancelling Virgin Media Broadband when the contract is finished  

If your contract is expired and you have to cancel the Virgin Media Broadband for any reason, this will be the best time to do it. You will be able to cancel and switch to another provider without any complications if the contract is over. But before you head towards your phone to call Virgin Media and cancel your broadband connection, you might want to go through these tips on how to handle Virgin Media’s retention team. 

Dealing with Virgin Media’s retention team 

Any internet provider would not want their customers to leave, not even one. That’s why you have to face the retention team when you ask them to cancel the services. They will sweet-talk and lure you into new packages or stay with the same. Sometimes they offer better deals and you have to be wise to take them (if there is not any other reason like moving out of the UK). however, you don’t know what they might offer you but being ready for anything will give you an upper hand while dealing with them. 

  • Know your business 

If you are unhappy with Virgin Media’s services and want to switch the internet provider, you should know everything about it. You have to know the details about the package offered by other providers and are planning on to get. The retention team might try to match it or at least offer you a better deal than the existing one. It depends on the reason and your preference to take it or not. 

  • Don’t be a pushover

It will not be very easy for you to cancel Virgin Media Broadband if you are a pushover and get convinced easily. You have to be assertive and stand your ground if you really want to cancel the broadband, especially if the reason is their bad service in your area. 

  • Refund 

Once you have successfully cancelled Virgin Media Broadband, check for any advance payments you have made and if it’s the case, Virgin will work on whether there is any amount due for a refund. But don’t expect a quick action as it might take up to 40 days to receive a refund after cancelling Virgin Media Broadband. 

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