How to cancel TalkTalk Broadband

How to cancel TalkTalk Broadband

Want to know how to cancel talktalk broadband? The purpose of this post is to help you know how you cancel EE Broadband.

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Well, TalkTalk is one of the biggest Uk’s broadband providers. It uses the BT Openreach network to deliver its broadband services. It also includes a range of home phone and premium Tv services. TalkTalk Broadband is well noted for its valued services provided to its users.

TalkTalk broadband is quite reliable when it comes to the cost of their connections not just these as a triple play service provider, it has everything in it modern households needs, from streaming on the internet to the gaming experience and exploring the internet.

It has also won Uswitch Broadband and Mobile awards in 2019 making it the most popular broadband service provider. And the cost of this broadband makes it the customer’s best choice but on the other side, it suffers from a bad reputation when it comes to customer service.

How to Cancel TalkTalk Broadband

Cancelling your broadband connection seems quite troublesome when you have already got fast and at the same, the rates are quite cheaper than other broadband connections but it seems quite straightforward actually. You might be looking for a faster connection other than TalkTalk. You would get one of your choices, that’s one reason. The other thing that one must-see is the cost, but TalkTalk is quite cheaper than others this would not be a problem.TalkTalk broadband is slow as compared to the Virgin Media, sky broadband connection this too can also be the reason to shift to another provider. The main things about their bad reputation regarding the customer service according to Ofcom reports makes you think for once, how would they listen to our complaints when we contact them.

There are several ways to end your contract with TalkTalk. 

  • The first one in which you are changing to another broadband provider in this case you can change your connection without contacting the TalkTalk broadband connection and only if the other provider has the same Openreach network to deliver the broadband connection into your house. 
  • The case is different when the providers have their networks like Virgin Media or Full fibre broadband then you have to contact TalkTalk to end your contract.
  • The other way of cancelling is the one in which you are shifting your home to some other place. It might be possible to transfer your broadband package through TalkTalk’s Home service. They will set up a broadband connection at your new home and your existing contact will be moved over, but if your home is within the telephone exchange area you can keep your existing contact number. One of the disadvantages of this home service is that they would charge you £60 and require a 14 days advance notice. Below table would show when not to speak with TalkTalk 
Your New Internet Service Provider(ISP)Can you switch without speaking to TalkTalk?
Moving from TalkTalk to Community FibreYou’ll need contact to end your  broadband plan
Moving from TalkTalk to Sky Simply order your new broadband connection from Sky Broadband website.

TalkTalk Broadband Early exit: Fee

TalkTalk charges you for early contract termination. There are two types in which you would be charged with an early termination fee; this case is applicable when you have not completed a minimum term of the contract with them. The other is commitment breakage fee, this is applicable when you have signed up for speed boost of the broadband but you cancel it before the commitment period is over.

The costs of both will depend on your services availed and how much you have left in the deal with the broadband. You can end your contract with them without paying them a fee, this would be applicable in TalkTalk cooling’s off period which is for almost 20days from the day your connection has been set up for you. 

There is also one more way to cancel the connection without getting charged, in which your broadband speed is slower than the guaranteed mentioned speed, you can end your contract with them.

TalkTalk Broadband Cancellation fee

TalkTalk Broadband PackagesCharges per Month
Fast Broadband£9 per remaining month
Faster Fibre£8.50 per remaining month
Ultra Fibre Optic£10 per remaining month

TalkTalk Broadband: Speed

When it comes to the speed of the TalkTalk, It varies from area to area. Although, it provides three packages with good speed. This speed again would depend on your location in which you are living.

Three packages are provided by them, Fast broadband with an average download speed of 11Mbps, which is quite useful for households with one or two devices.  Faster fibre comes up with an average of 38Mb speed, it would be preferable for the streaming of video and gaming experience. The last one is the Superfast Ultra fibre with an average speed of 67Mb.

TalkTalk Broadband packages

TalkTalk Fast BroadbandTalkTalk Faster FibreTalkTalk superfast Ultra Fibre
Average speed10Mb38Mb67Mb


The area where the TalkTalk shines is the cost. The costs are quite low as compared with other providers which make it on the top of the list to avail it. As discussed above cost would not surely be the reason to cancel the contract with them. If someone wants an affordable connection within their budget this would be the best option for them.

How to cancel TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk cheapest packages Vs Sky, BT

TalkTalk fast Broadband well(11Mb)Sky Broadband Essential (11Mb)BT Broadband (10Mb)

Customer Service

TalkTalk broadband has not provided good customer services in recent years, especially in 2018 according to the Ofcom reports, it has the highest number of complaints, which makes you think for some time that something is disturbing about their connection.

In the most recent figures provided by the Ofcom, 25% of their customers have ended their contract with them due to bad customer service. Although they have taken steps to improve their services this year.


Well, It’s certainly worth looking at when you come to prices of TalkTalk which makes them quite popular in the community. With their triple-play provider, it surely is the one you would choose. however, when you think of their customer service it’s still in jeopardy of losing their popularity. Although, if the customer with a little lower budget is looking for the connection, TalkTalk is the one he would go for.

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