How to cancel EE Broadband

How to cancel EE Broadband

Want to know how to cancel EE broadband? Read on..

Although EE is better known for its widespread and superfast mobile network, they are also a competitor in the broadband market, phone, and TV series. EE broadband is basically the part of the BT group that runs the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network offering 4G in more places in UK.

It inherited Orange broadband customers following its acquisitions of the orange network in 2012 and it was the first to launch 4G in the UK in October 2012 and has taken it from strength to strength under its own brand. In 2016, following the acquisitions by BT in 2016, it also provided more internet expertise.

EE, remains the operator to beat, with fast speed and excellent reliability. Although their speed was quoted a lot higher than the sky and was quite cheaper, they lack consistency in their speed and it’s terrifying just to think if you are in the middle of something and all of sudden your connection drops out. The other option for cancelling is the price increase in their broadband which would mean you have to look for something better and at the same time cheaper broadband.

How to cancel EE Broadband

EE Broadband: Cancellation

Before cancelling your broadband service, there are several ways to cancel your contract with EE broadband. If someone’s changing their network but they want to keep their EE phone number then you have to follow the PAC( porting Authorisation Code) process. In this, there are further three ways to get the PAC code through online, text or by phone. That is one of the common ways to cancel your contract with EE. you should keep one thing in mind that there is no need to give 30 days notice to end your contract with EE, providing that you are outside the minimum contract term.

On the other side, if you are planning to start fresh with a different mobile on your new network, you have to follow the EE STAC(Service Termination Authorization Code). One of the advantages of the STAC code is that when someone’s outside the minimum term of the contract, EE will only be able to charge you up until the date your STAC Code is used.

The last one is the EE standard cancellation procedure which would only be applicable in case if you are not joining another broadband. The basic procedure is that you would call the EE to cancel your contract, you have to give them notice of 30 days before ending the contract and this period of 30days you still have to pay for the connection.  Here’s one more thing: if you are ending your contract within 14days then you are in EE’s cooling off period which means cancellation charges might not be applied.

 Side by side comparison to cancel your EE Connection

EE cancellation processJoining a new networkCancellation MethodNotice period and charges
PAC codeYes (with a number)Online, SMS or phoneNot Required
STAC codeYes (without a number)Online, SMS or phoneNot Required
Standard CancellationNoPhone30 days notice is required

EE Broadband Early Exit: Fee

Well, If you are still inside your minimum term of the contract with EE broadband. You will have to pay something called an “ Early termination charge” and it is set at 80% of the remaining monthly charges over your minimum initial contract.

EE Broadband: Speed

EE  offers three speeds for broadband customers. Standard broadband comes with an average download speed of 10Mbps  which is recommended for smaller households with one or two devices.

If you have a big family and there are multiple users at the same time, there is a mid-range speed averaging 36Mbps on offer with its Fibre Broadband. 

The fastest package Fibre Plus Broadband has an averages speed of  67Mbps which allows the big families and shared households who want to do streaming, playing video games, or just generally using the internet at the same time

Download speeds are an important factor in choosing broadband service. 10Mbps is fine for most standard households, but you do need to start looking for faster connections if there are more users in your house, for that fibre plus broadband would be good enough. It has also ventured into the realm of ultrafast broadband offering two tiers one at 145Mbps and the other at 300Mbps, both on a network. All the EE broadband are truly unlimited means that there are no download caps and no sneak fair usage restrictions.

How to cancel EE Broadband

EE broadband speed packages

EE standard BroadbandEE Fiber BroadbandEE Fiber Plus BroadbandEE fibre UltraPlus Broadband
Average speed10Mbps36Mbps67Mbps145Mbps and 300Mbps


Well, EE  costs a little more than the other packages from Plusnet, but it is almost cheaper than BT, Sky, and TalkTalk. Prices might change though and all of these providers are known for offering deals and special offers including EE broadband. We would compare the cheapest rates provided by EE broadband vs other providers and the fastest speed comparison with other providers given below in the table.

EE Broadband cheapest packages VS Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT

EE Standard Broadband (10Mb)Sky Broadband Essential (11Mb)Plusnet Unlimited Broadband (10Mb)TalkTalk fast Broadband (11Mb)BT Broadband (10Mb)

EE Broadband fastest packages VS Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT

EE Fiber plus Broadband (67Mb)Sky Broadband Superfast (59Mb)Plusnet Unlimited fibre extra (10Mb)TalkTalk superfast fibre Broadband (67Mb)BT  Fiber 2 Broadband (67Mb)

Customer Service

EE wins this year’s Expert Reviews Best Broadband Award 2020 for customer service. More than a quarter of customers said they were very satisfied with the customer service, and a further 50% described themselves as satisfied according to the Ofcom reports. Which makes the EE broadband lovable around the people with their eye-catching speed and performance. 

Our Verdict

Well, not just EE broadband its network stayed on top for seven years in a row, and its award for its 5G speed on the top of the list. EE wins this year’s expert reviews Best Broadband Award 2020 for customer service. Changing this broadband service to go for the other broadband seems quite hard when you are already on the best broadband service.

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