How fast is Sky Broadband?

How fast is sky broadband

Want to know how fast is sky broadband? Read on….

Sky broadband is best known as a pay-TV provider, although it also offers broadband services and is the second-largest internet provider in the UK. Like other broadband services like BT and Plusnet, it uses the Openreach network. The other competitor’s i.e. BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media, are also providing quite fast broadband services, but the sky is giving them a tough time in the market.

Sky broadband could not get this year’s broadband award, but it has won a triple-play provider leaving behind the other competitors. It offers fast speeds backed up with a stellar customer service record and the ability to bundle comprehensive TV service together too.

What we like

  • Offers free broadband to its television subscribers
  • Unlimited broadband
  • Premium and a decent router
  • UK based customer support
  • Triple play provider

What we don’t like

  • Limited speed outside the sky network area
  • Slow average fibre speed
  • Best offers are 
  • High setup costs
  • Price hikes after the initial contract term

How fast is sky broadband

Sky Broadband: Speed

Basically, Sky offers four packages. The first two come up with unlimited speed, so there are no restrictions on streaming or downloading. The only thing that would matter is what will you choose. The first one is sky broadband essential. It comes up with a download speed averaging 11Mbps and comes on an 18month contract.

It would be good for you if you want to use it for exploring the internet, using social media but you may struggle a little with streaming, especially if there are lots of devices trying to use it at once. The other internet providers come up with this same basic package providing almost the same speed and would benefit the households of two to three members.

The sky super fast package which is providing fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) technology cranks up the speed to up to 63mb averaging of 59mbps. It would equate to a download speed of roughly 8mb per second. It has unlimited data usage.

So if you are a big family you would need this fibre service for the smooth flow of online activities which includes streaming, gaming, downloading. 

The third one is superfast broadband that cranks up an average download speed of 59Mbps. 

The fourth one is Sky Ultrafast fibre equipped broadband which was announced in 2019. It promises speed that is almost 12 times faster than those offered by sky standard broadband.

The use of technology makes it faster than and has put them in front of other competitors in the market. It comes up with two packages: the ultrafast1 plan which provides an averaging speed of 145Mbps and an upload speed up to 27Mbps.

The second one is yet to be rolling out this year which would provide an average download speed of around 285Mbps and an average upload speed of 45Mbps. It would be useful for offices which have a number of employees accessing the internet at the same time.

Well, the above-mentioned details regarding the speed would not be the same provided by the company; it might actually differ in speed. The faster speed and slowdown of it would depend upon the area in which you are living.

how fast is sky broadband

Average download and upload speed of the sky broadband 

Sky Broadband planAverage Download SpeedAverage Upload SpeedTechnology
Essential Broadband11Mbps0.8 MbpsADSL2+
Superfast Broadband59Mbps18MbpsVDSL2(fiber to the cabinet)
Ultrafast 1 fiber)
Ultrafast 2 and full fiber(Coming soon)


There are many broadbands available nowadays, but the sky isn’t the cheapest or the fastest. It would be feasible for someone if he wants a Tv connection with that it would be cheaper for him to avail it, the customization of the packages in it makes it affordable.

These customized packages also make it different from rival companies. For just broadband and home phone, prices are reasonable from the sky, it’s not a budget provider, but it would not cost more than the expected price. Although, for TV it’s definitely on the expensive side. 

The contract bases of the sky broadband make you think for a moment. If someone is at a place where he would go somewhere else in a 12month period, he has to keep in mind the contract of 18months of the sky broadband, which makes the sky broadband a step back in the cost scenario.

On the other hand, the contract packages are good for someone if he’s not moving to somewhere else in a period of 18months.

The thing that makes sky broadband much attractive to the customer is that they frequently have deals and special offers, so do lookout for those.

Sky broadband cheapest packages vs BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, Talk Talk

Sky Broadband Essential (11Mb)BT Broadband (10Mb)Plusnet Unlimited Broadband (10MB)TalkTalk fast Broadband(11MB)Virgin Media MSO (54Mb)

Sky broadband fastest packages vs BT, Virgin Media, Plusnet, Talk Talk

Sky Broadband Essential (59Mb)BT Fiber2(67Mb)Plusnet fiber Extra line Only (66Mb)TalkTalk Superfast Fiber (67MB)Virgin Media M500 (516Mb)


Sky broadband offers three types of routers for different broadband packages.user that have ADSL broadband would get a sky hub router, which is quite a basic router for those who just want the basic ADSL connection. This router is able to connect up to 32 devices. 

However, you don’t have to be disappointed because it comes up with two more routers that vary with the broadband connections you have.

The sky Q hub (ER110) has a slimmer design and energy-saving features that make it reliable for customers who have Sky Q TV service. It has two gigabit LAN ports and can connect 64 devices. It uses the power of sky Q box and Sky Q mini TV boxes around the home to boost performance, speed, and coverage.

The third one is Sky Broadband hub(SR203) is almost the same as Sky Q hub adding some more features to it. 8 antennae which would provide more wifi range than sky Q hub.

The other is the addition of two more ethernet ports. Which makes it faster in speed and in providing the range to those devices which support 5Ghz channels.

Customer Service

Sky Broadband hasn’t had the best reputation for customer service, but this has improved significantly in recent years and they are now market leaders in service satisfaction.

Sky has the fewest complaints in 2018 according to Ofcom. The latest complaints figures released by Ofcom in 2019 show that they only received 21 complaints per 100,000 fixed broadband customers, ahead of all other major providers.

3Post Office38N/aN/aN/a
5Virgin Media60515436
Industry Avg52587556

Our Verdict

Despite having a high cost of the single broadband service. It surely is a solid choice, you get a good product, with plenty of features and extras thrown in. Apart from this the full satisfaction from the customer made it very reliable in the market to avail of its services. Depending on the household’s needs sky could be a great bet. It’s a top choice for families who want a big TV bundle along with a broadband connection.

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