Does Home Insurance Cover Mobile Phones?

Does Home Insurance Cover Mobile Phones

This post will answer your question of does home insurance cover mobile phones? So read on…

Insurance is a method of protection against any kind of financial loss. In today’s world, insurance plays a huge part in protecting assets, the future, and even human life. When an individual has insurance, they are one step ahead of any kind of uncertain loss that they might have to face. Considering the growth of the insurance market in the UK, you can now get insurance for almost anything right from your life insurance to mobile phone damage. But if you are a savvy consumer and want to know if your existing covers anything extra, this post will answer one of the questions you might need answers for.

There are many different kinds of insurances. This includes health insurance which takes care of medical bills, auto insurance so companies can cover losses in case of an accident, life insurance which is a payment method for the kin after the death of a person, and lastly, home insurance which covers any financial costs in case of a mishap, like a house fire or robbery. 

What is Home Insurance? 

Home insurance is a type of property insurance that covers misfortunes and harms to a person’s house. This includes furniture, decorations, and different assets in the home. Home insurance additionally gives any kind of coverage that one might need in case of an accident at home or on the property.  

A home insurance plan typically covers four sorts of accidents on the guaranteed property—interior damage, damage on the outside, misfortune or harm of personal assets/possessions, and injury that happens while on the property. If any of the said scenarios happen, the insurance owner will be able to apply to claim the insurance. However, the insurance holder will be needed to pay a deductible, which is the cash-based expenses for the insured. Every home insurance plan has a limit, which decides how much money one would get in case of an accident. 

However, most home insurances do not cover damages done through a natural disaster. This includes earthquakes, floods, or anything else. For someone who lives in an area where there are chances of natural disasters, they will have to buy separate insurance to cover that damage. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Mobile Phones? 

Just like any other belongings, cell phones are insured as standard when you purchase the Contents Insurance. Nonetheless, mobile phones are also covered under home insurance. They get covered under the content’s liability of the insurance. 

Most content insurance arrangements will cover your cell phone when it’s in your home, much the same as any other personal assets or belonging. You will be secured for misfortune or harm in a fire, storm or flood, and burglary as well, but just for the phone itself. However, they are quick to find out if someone has made a fake call to claim the insurance on their phone.  

You should remember that your standard policy applies a limit in a claim. On the off chance that you have separate mobile phone insurance, your excess would most likely be lower. 

You should also know what the limit is on single articles. This is the amount you can guarantee up to for a single item, and it’s typically around £1,500 to £2,500, contingent upon your back up plan. As telephones can be upwards of £900 nowadays, you ought to be inside the limit to ensure that you remain covered. 

What About Accidental Damage?

Accidental loss or harm to your mobile phone will not be secured as standard, and you will have to take out optional cover for this. It will at that point cover you for mishaps like dropping the mobile phone and also cracking the screen.

What If Something Happens Away from My Home?

With the security of a person being threatened every day, the chances of your phone being stolen are quite high. This calls for phone insurance as well. If you need your home insurance to cover mobile damages, you will have to include unintentional loss or harm cover in the contents insurance section of the home insurance. This insurance is known as ‘all-risk insurance’. It will cover damages internationally of mobile phones or any other belongings. 

Should I Consider Taking Out Separate Mobile Phone Insurance?

Insurance companies sell insurance for mobile phones separately. It is specifically designed to cover damages to your phone and it costs as low as a few pounds each month. If you choose to buy separate insurance for your mobile, it will cost less. If you choose to buy contents insurance in your current home insurance but will cause extra claims on your insurance. 

How Can You Keep Your Phone Safe to Prevent Damage?

By now, we have established that home insurance does cover mobile phone damages and loss. However, if you lose your phone and claim insurance, it will lower your chances of claiming insurance in the future. To avoid that, here are some ways you can keep your phone secured;

·   Always keep your phone secured by keeping a PIN or a Lock Screen. This will keep your personal information safe and help you keep all your data, private pictures, or any contacts safe even if the phone has been stolen. 

·   Put your phone out of reach of pets and children. Since most of the damages to phones happens because of the kids, it is a good decision to keep your phone in a drawer when not in use or on a high shelf. 

·   Keep your phone in your bag or pocket when in public. It is so much easier for someone to snatch your phone from your hand than to have to take it out of a bag or pocket. So when not in use, keep your phone safe inside your pockets. 


Q. Can I claim the insurance on a lost phone? 

Ans. Yes, you definitely can. If your phone is covered in home insurance under contents insurance, you will easily be able to claim the coverage. 

Q. Will home insurance just cover the mobile phone? 

Ans. Home insurances cover mobile phones but they cover other personal belongings as well. This includes tablets, cameras, laptops, jewelry, and more. 

Insurance is important in today’s world since security cannot be guaranteed. To keep yourself protected from any kind of damages, accidents, or mishaps, insurance helps relieve your stress knowing that you are already insured and protected. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Mobile Phones

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