Cheap Tv Broadband Deals

Cheap Tv Broadband Deals

In this review, i will be sharing with you some of the best cheap TV Broadband deals available in UK.

Using separate subscriptions for your TV and broadband can be very expensive. The best way to overcome this issue is to bundle broadband and TV deals. Things will be much easier for you to deal with, and by doing so, you can save some bucks on your monthly subscription.

Below are all the details about the cheap TV and broadband deals from the popular service providers. Have a look and check whether merging the services in one place sounds appealing to you or not.

Cheap TV Broadband Deals

After analyzing the market, following broadband and TV deals appealed to us the most. Moreover, all these deals come from reputable brands, and you will get fast browsing speeds, more premium channels, and state-of-the-art set top boxes.

Here are snapshots of the each deal:

Sky TV and Superfast Broadband + Netflix


  • 59Mbaverage* speed
  • 147TV channels
  • £29.95Setup costs
  • 18month contract
  • Pay as you go
  • £43.00 per month
  • £44.66 Avg. monthly cost

Picking Sky’s cheap broadband and TV deals can be extremely beneficial as Sky quite often offers a combination of discounted prices and the cashback and gift voucher. This is handy as you can get a much lower price with additional features.

Some other features in the Sky’s TV and broadband that demand your attention are given below:

Sky Q extends the broadband’s range – If you get a Sky TV and broadband deal, you will be given Sky Mini hubs as an add-on. This extends the range of your broadband and allows you to watch TV in different rooms.

Sky Broadband Boost – For your peace of mind, new customers who sign up for Sky Broadband Boost will receive daily checks on their line with guaranteed Wi-Fi access in every room.

What our experts say:

The sky is a household brand, and you cannot question its performance. Plus, Sky has plenty of broadband and TV deals that will surely meet your needs. Besides, all broadband packages include a Wi-Fi router without any added costs. Lastly, you can also Netflix in some Sky TV and broadband packages.

Check cheapest broadband and TV deals by SKY.

Sky Broadband and TV package 

Even if you opt for Sky’s basic package, you can access 300+ channels. That’s something exclusive, and no other service provider offers the same.

Furthermore, Sky broadband and TV deals include an impressive Sky Q set-top box, and you have two broadband packages to choose from. Both broadband packages are great and feature average speeds of 11Mbps or 59Mbps.

EE broadband and TV package

EE is the UK’s number one mobile service provider, and the brand has extensive 4G & 5G coverage, but the EE’s broadband and TV packages are amazing.

Besides, not many know that EE’s TV packages include Apple set-top box, and you can also add BT Sport to your package. Apart from it, EE broadband speeds are decent, and you have three options: 10Mbps, 36Mbps, and 67Mbps.

Apple TV 4k & Unlimited Fibre Broadband


For new users only:

  • 36Mbaverage* speed
  • 1TV channel
  • £0.00Setup costs
  • 24month contract
  • Pay as you go
  • £38.00 per month
  • £38.00 Avg. monthly cost

Moreover, EE offers different routers in each of its broadband packages. To be precise, standard broadband users will get EE’s exclusive Bright Box while fiber users receive a smart hub which is awesome.

There are some other exclusive benefits as well like:

If you are already EE mobile customer and also get EE broadband, you will get free 5GB data to boost your monthly mobile plan or 12-month SIM-only plan.

Check cheapest broadband and TV deals by EE.

Now Broadband and TV deal 

Now Broadband offers both ASDL standard connection and fiber broadband with exclusive TV packages. You will have to add a monthly TV Pass to your broadband package, and then you can access premium channels like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or kids TV.

Broadband package and Speed:

As for the speed, you have two options the standard ADSL which is suitable for basic uses, and two superfast fiber options, ideal for demanding uses and multiple users.

Furthermore, Now Broadband and TV deals are the cheapest and flexible in the UK. The minimum broadband and TV contract is up to 12 months, and other basic broadband and TV packages are also very reasonably priced.

Super Fiber + Entertainment Membership + Free Anytime Calls


For New customers only

  • 63Mbaverage* speed
  • 14TV channels
  • £5.00Setup costs
  • 12month contract
  • Anytime calls
  • £29.99 per month
  • £30.41 Avg. monthly cost

Now TV Passes:

You will get the following five TV ‘passes’ if you opt for the Now Broadband deal:

Hayu Pass – offers all popular reality TV shows, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

What our experts say:

Ultimately, Now Broadband is an all-around and decent pick. It delivers a nice mixture of speed and premium channels at a reasonable price. However, there is no channel recording function in the basic broadband and TV package.

Entertainment Pass – offers premium live channels and on-demand programs from different channels like ABC Studios, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, Sky 1, Sky Arts, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, Gold, and more.

Sky Cinema Pass – includes live Sky Cinema channels along with 1,000+ movies to watch on-demand.

Sky Sports Pass – offers all of Sky Sports channels both live and on-demand.

Kids Pass – live and on-demand kids show from different channels like Boomerang, Nick Jr, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Nick Toons.

Check cheapest broadband and TV deals by NOW.

What our experts say:

Overall verdict? EE’s broadband and TV deals are cheap, attractive, and definitely worth considering. Plus, you can also bundle up an Apple TV in your package to make it more appealing and economical.

What to look for when purchasing a TV and broadband deal?

Keep the following details in mind when signing up the contract with any provider:

Broadband speed – 

Before finalizing your TV package, you should pick the right broadband deal, and speed matters a lot in broadband.

The most basic is the ADSL/standard broadband, and it is the cheapest and slowest as well, with average speeds of up to 10-11Mbps. ASDL connections are ideal for singles users and normal day-to-day users but not for heavy internet users. If your usage demands fast speeds, opt for the fiber broadband service.

Channels – 

when it comes to TV channels, go for the quality, not quantity. Furthermore, most users don’t need hundreds of channels. Hence keep things simple but sweet. Keep your interest in mind, such as whether you’re a sports, films, or kids’ TV.

Contract length – 

With most broadband and TV bundles, you have to subscribe for a minimum of 12 months. However, some service providers offer attractive and affordable monthly rates if you sign up for a longer contract, such as 18 or 24 months. But keep in mind that they will charge you a hefty penalty if you cancel the subscription before the term. That is why most users prefer using yearly broadband and TV deals.

Equipment and installation – 

A few broadband providers charge an additional amount for installation and equipment, such as routers and set-top boxes, but most don’t charge anything. Hence check the same when signing up for a new broadband and TV deal.

Cheap Tv Broadband Deals

Should I bundle an internet and TV package?

If you are still unsure that a broadband and TV package is right or not for you? Let’s discuss some pros and cons to make things simpler.

Pros of broadband and TV deals:

It is cheaper: 

If you use a TV and broadband bundle, it will be much cheaper than signing up for each service individually. You can sum up the cost of both services to conclude which works best for you.

Simple billing: 

With broadband and TV, you enjoy multiple services for one fixed price with a simple billing cycle.

Get a free TV box: 

Many bundles come with a free TV box and add-ons such as recording and integrated streaming. And this is a bonus for you.

They are flexible: 

When you are using broadband and TV service via a single package, you can add or remove extra channels at any time.

Cons of broadband and TV deals:

Not every brand offers the same TV channels: 

Yes, every brand indeed has different channels. So, do some homework and research the brand’s channel line-up before signing up with them.

You cannot keep the TV box, or it will stop working: 

Suppose if you want to abandon the broadband service, you will not get the same features from your TV box. Some service providers may ask you to return the TV box when your contract ends.

In the end:

Combining your TV and broadband service into one bundle is helpful and saves you some bucks without compromising the service’s quality. It is handy on many occasions, and after reading this guide, you know the best and cheapest TV and broadband deals that you can get and enjoy!

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