Cheap Broadband Deals Without Landline

Cheap Broadband Deals Without Landline

Want to find cheap broadband deals without landline? If you are attempting to figure out how to get broadband without a telephone line, you will have to begin by getting the correct kind of broadband. The four different ways you can get to the broadband web in the UK are ADSL, fibre, link, and 4G/5G portable broadband. Every one of these connections has its advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, some are more restricted than others. Especially those that you need to get broadband without a telephone line.

Is It Possible To Get Broadband With No Line? 

Most areas in the UK will have the option to get broadband with no telephone line; however, it will rely upon which kind of broadband connection you have. Standard ADSL broadband, for instance, is conveyed through Openreach’s organization of copper phone wires as is accessible to 99% of UK homes. 

Since ADSL broadband is delivered through a telephone line, you will need a landline to get to the internet, regardless of whether you don’t want or need one for calls. On the off chance that ADSL is the only broadband access at your property, it would appear that you will have to continue paying for line rental and service charges so you can keep access to your broadband and internet services.  

Moving to a fibre or link connection implies there is more possibility of having the option to get broadband without a telephone line. Yet, it will rely upon what bundles are accessible in your particular territory. 

Fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband, which offers superfast speeds between 30-70Mbps, is by a wide margin the most readily available fibre connection. Yet, it utilizes similar copper telephone lines as ADSL does, so you will require a telephone line for this kind of broadband to work as well.

Besides the fibre link, there are only two other options that can help you get broadband without a telephone line. 

Mobile Broadband 

If you are determined on getting broadband without a telephone line, portable broadband might be a decent arrangement, depending on what your average internet use is. 

Mobile broadband that is working on the current 4G organization will have average paces of 21Mbps, which would be sufficient for fundamental online use like email, Facebook and Skype. However, it could be restricted on the off chance that you needed to accomplish more, particularly if different individuals from your family are trying to connect to it and use it. Streaming Netflix on speeds like this with a family who is also utilizing the internet would be disappointing, and you will have to invest a great deal of time in waiting for the videos to load.  

The major attraction for mobile broadband is the fact that it supports 5G services all over the UK. In case you’re in a zone that has a stable 5G signal, your mobile broadband rates could outperform your fixed-broadband options, with a download speed of 300Mbps being an undeniable benefit. You can then connect your gadgets to mobile broadband or connect straight to the phone and enjoy the fastest services.  

Mobile broadband is a genuinely flexible option, giving you admittance to your internet connection any place you are. Its most significant inconvenience is the reception, as there are a lot of zones in the UK that haveKW:  a weak 4G signal. If you end up living in one of these areas with no 4G-5G support, then mobile broadband won’t be a decent choice for you.

Cable Broadband From Virgin Media 

Despite the fact that you can hypothetically get a link or fibre broadband without line rental, it tends to be challenging to find a supplier offering broadband without a landline. 

At present, Virgin Media is the leading major ISP that lets you pursue broadband without a telephone line. Since Virgin Media works autonomously on its cable network separate from Openreach, the company offers a few diverse broadband-only bundles that do not expect you to buy a landline. 

However, it’s usually the situation that Virgin Media broadband bundles with no telephone line are in reality, more costly than ones that include line rental. So even though you can get broadband without a telephone line, it might be less expensive to buy broadband with landline and not use it if you feel like you do not need it. 

Cheap Broadband Deals Without Landline

Cheap Broadband Deals Without Landline 

Virgin Media 

The only exclusive broadband without a landline is the M100 Fibre Broadband. It costs twenty-four pounds per month and has an eighteen-month contract. Its average speed is 108MB and has zero set up costs and no tv subscriptions. 

One Stream 

Jetstream Fibre Max is broadband with telephone lines as well. It rounds up to twenty-two pounds per month. It has an eighteen-month contract and 45MB speed. Free of cost set up and no TV channels. 


Superfast 2 Extra comes with Apple TV. It is a three-in-one deal which includes landline, TV and broadband. It costs thirty-one pounds per month, has a twenty-four-month contract, and has the average speed of 63MBs. 

By comparing the three, it is relatively easy to make a decision. For someone who requires a faster internet connection, only broadband deals are perfect. With just a few more pounds, they get to enjoy almost 50+Mbs more. Where the deals might be cheaper when with other services, it is only the best when bought alone. 


Q. Is satellite broadband a good option? 

Ans. Satellite broadband should always be the absolute last resort. They are expensive, slow and not reliable at all. Even though it is available quite readily, it is not a good option to go with. 

Q. Is mobile broadband a better option than a fixed line? 

Ans. Although fixed-line broadband is a decent other option in case you’re working distantly, it is not a permanent one. Mobile broadband is a practical choice in case you intend to use it remotely. 

In conclusion, broadband-only deals might be more expensive, but they provide speed, reliability and connection like no other. Invest in a good broadband since it will be a long contract. 

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