Can I Get BT Sport Without BT Broadband?

Can I Get BT Sport Without BT Broadband

If you want to know Can I get BT Sport Without BT Broadband, you will get answers in this post?

Of course, you can avail BT Sport without BT broadband there are many ways you can get BT Sport without having a BT broadband. However, the prices vary based on your provider other than BT, not to mention they are the cheapest if you have a BT broadband and BT TV. 

But, worry not, as we will compare different ways and providers in this article along with their offered prices so you can choose whatever suits you the best. We also discussed BT’s new Sport Monthly Pass for sports lovers, so bear with us.

What will you be able to watch? 

BT Sport is very popular among sports enthusiasts and for obvious reasons. There are hardly any sports that you are going to miss with having BT Sport in your hand. 

You can watch a variety of live and exclusive sports action including all the matches of Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup. And more like WWE wrestling, Premiership rugby, MotoGP and UFC Fightnights. 

BT Sport is based on four channels which are:

  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport 3
  • BT Sport ESPN

Can I Get BT Sport Without BT Broadband?

You can access BT Sport without necessarily having BT broadband, through your TV providers including Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Plusnet. Other than these, you can also access BT Sport through a BT Sport app that is now available on mobile phone contracts from BT Mobile and EE only. It is also accessible as a standalone product as a BT Sport Monthly Pass, if you are not interested in a long term contract.

However, if you like to watch BT Sport on a large screen, you will have to get it from your TV provider. With different providers, prices also vary and it also depends if you would like to add HD-quality or not. 

Without any doubt, BT broadband and BT TV offer the best value if you want to get BT Sport. For instance, they are offering various packages starting from £36.99/month which includes fibre broadband, home phone and BT Sport. 

Can I Get BT Sport Without BT Broadband

But if that’s not an option, then you always have other ways to avail BT Sport. Here, we have summed up how much you will have to pay if you are planning to add BT Sport to different TV services:

TV ProviderBT Sport CostHDBT Sport App

£15/month(from £42.99/month including broadband)add £5/month(for all BT TV channelsIncluded 

Sky TV 
From £47/month (bundle from Sky with BT & Sky Sports)£20/month (BT Broadband customers, from BT)£29.99/month + activation* (non-BT Broadband customers, from BT)

Add £6.50/month(free for the first 3 months)

Not Included (from Sky)
Included (from BT)

Virgin Media
Included as part of Maxit TV (available from £53/month)
Included (4K UHD)

Not Included 
TalkTalk£29.99/month + activation fee*Not availableIncluded 

£10/month for all BT Sport channelsBT Sport 1 is included free with YouView TV
Add £3/month


To get BT Sport on Sky TV and TalkTalk TV, you will have to pay an activation fee which is £20 currently for a contract of 12 months and £35 for a 1-month rolling contract. 

For the Virgin Media, you won’t have access to the BT Sport app. However, you will have an option to watch the BT Sport channels on your mobile phone or laptop through Virgin Media’s TV Go app.

BT Sport on Sky TV

If you have a Sky TV and are wondering how to watch BT Sport channels, it’s pretty easy, but expensive as well. You can avail it as a part of a bundle when you sign up for one. You will get a combined bundle which includes both Sky Sports and BT Sport channels on Sky TV from £47 per month currently. 

But, this will only give you access to the BT Sport channels on Sky TV, not access to the BT Sport app. To access BT Sport app, either you have to get BT Sport channels from BT or if you are not a BT broadband customer, it will cost you around £30/per month to add BT Sport to Sky TV. An activation fee of £20 applies if you take a 12 months contract or £35 activation fee if you go for a one-month rolling contract.

BT Sport on Virgin Media 

For the Virgin Media TV customers, you can access Sky Sports and BT Sport in a combined package. It is available in Maxit TV package and also as a standalone product for £53 per month. It is also available in a package with fibre broadband and phone starting from £49 per month. 

Virgin Media also lets you watch BT Sport in 4K ultra-HD at the latter price. There is no need to pay extra money for HD like you have to on BT TV and Sky TV.

BT Sport on Plusnet

With Plusnet YouView TV service, you can avail BT Sport and BT Sport Lite for just £5/month. But it will only give you access to BT Sport 1 and not other channels or the BT Sport app. 

To avail the whole BT Sport package on Plusnet, you will have to pay £10/month. It will allow you to access all of the BT Sport channels as well as the BT Sport app. And adding an HD feature to the package will cost extra £3/month. 

BT Sport Monthly Pass

If you are looking for a BT Sport access without any broadband, TV or mobile network provider, fortunately, that’s also possible. Through BT Sport Monthly Pass, you can avail BT Sport on a standalone basis at the cost of £25/month.  

It will give you access to BT Sport through devices including mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles or smart TV. It also allows you to cast on a large screen through Airplay or Chromecast as well as $k ultra-HD and HDR streaming. 

However, it might be an expensive option than getting BT Sport via broadband or mobile network providers, especially if you are a BT broadband customer. But it can be cost-saving in case you are a Sky TV or TalkTalk TV customer. Along with a low monthly cost, it offers great flexibility as it has no activation fee and saves you money upfront. 

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