Can I Get Broadband Without A Phone Line?

Can I Get Broadband Without A Phone Line

The purpose of this short guide is to answer your specific question of “Can I get broadband without a phone line?”

yes, you can.. read on to know more..

Most of the areas in the UK most likely to have broadband without a phone line; however, it solely depends on which type of broadband connection you have. Most UK internet service providers (ISPs) work on the BT-owned Openreach network, which uses the old copper wires to carry the signals into your casa.

Same is the case with fibre, where the fibre cable is connected to the nearest cabinet in your street.

All ISPs working with Openreach network force you to have a phone line which includes the likes of EE, Sky, BT, Plusnet and more.

If ADSL is the only option available in your area, then it seems like you have to keep paying for the phone line even if you don’t use it and forget that you have one (until you have a bill in your hands, obviously). 

Can I Get Broadband Without A Phone Line

Can I Get Broadband Without A Phone Line

In short, if you want to get broadband without a phone line, then you have to look for the providers that do not use the Openreach network. And one of the big names that do not work with Openreach, is Virgin Media.

Options other than Virgin Media are either FTTH provider or Mobile Broadband. 

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the only internet service provider in the UK that offers broadband without annoying phone lines. That is because Virgin Media does not use Openreach and works independently on its cable network. There are several different packages Virgin Media offers, which are broadband-only and do not forcefully require you to have a phone line. 

When you sign up for a broadband-only package with Virgin, an engineer runs a cable from the wall box they attach outside your house to the connection point in the street.

The coaxial cables Virgin use is a big reason behind the faster speed as compared to the copper wires. Virgin also offers a phone line if you want one and you can expect to pay extra for it. 

However, it is not always necessary that you will save extra quids by excluding telephone lines from broadband. There is a huge possibility that broadband-only packages of Virgin Media cost you more than the ones that include phone lines.

So keep in mind that even if you get access to broadband without line rental, it may still cost you more than the broadband with a phone line and just not use it.   

Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH)

Another option to get fixed broadband without a phone line is fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) or fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) also known as cable broadband. This is an internet service that carries signals to your premises efficiently without using any kind of traditional lines at all. 

These services are a lot faster, touching the speed of almost 1 Gb. However, the full fibre is still very limited across the UK and only covers 15% of the areas and the cable is only available from Virgin Media which hardly covers 50% of the country. 

Although the government has vowed to invest £5 billion to extend the coverage of full-fibre across the country till then, it is only accessible to the newly built areas. 

Full fibre or FTTH are offered by small names like Hyperoptic and Gigaclear, and bigger brands like Vodafone. A landline connection is not required with all of these services. And if you change your mind and need one in the future, you will have to acquire it separately through a different provider. 

FTTH suppliers usually offer a Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) call packages, which allows you to call over the internet on the landline without having a telephone. But, if your internet goes down, so does your phone service.

Mobile Broadband

If the other options do not work for you or not available in your area, then mobile broadband may be a solution for you depending on your internet usage.

Mobile broadband which currently provides a 4G network will give you an average speed of 21Mbps, which might just be enough for basic online activities like email, social media browsing, surfing and skype.

But mobile broadband could be limited if you ask more from it, especially if there is more than one member of the house using it. Streaming Netflix along with other members using the internet, would be frustrating as the episodes will keep buffering like ever. 

The eyes are on the rollout of 5G across the UK which will be a game-changer in the internet industry. If luckily, you are in an area where the strong 5G signals are available, your mobile broadband speed will out-pace other broadband options. 

With a download speed of up to 300Mbps, 5G can handle more than one user at a time without any problem.

You can connect your devices to your mobile broadband by tethering them directly to your mobile phone or through a 5G hub. 

However, mobile broadband also has its cons and one of the biggest of all is a “reception”. There are various areas in the UK where 4G signals are weak and the signal bars keep dropping and make the connection slow.

If you, unfortunately, happen to be living in these so-called “not-spots” then mobile broadband would not be a great option for you. 


Now you know that you can avail broadband without a phone line, it has to be said that we do not see any price benefit in it. The charges of a phone line in many cases are lower than the broadband-only services and those charges are now built into the total price of your broadband package and it does not incur any more charges to make you go landline-free. Hopefully, this short guide has answered your question of can I get broadband without a phone line.

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