Can I Get Broadband Without A Landline?

Can I Get Broadband Without A Landline

Do you want to know the answer to your question of “Can I get broadband without a landline” , read on…

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In most areas of the UK, yes, you will be able to get broadband without a landline. However, it will depend on other factors like which area you are in and which type of broadband connection you want. Standard ADSL broadband, available in almost 99% of the UK, (as it is fading away) is delivered using Openreach’s network of copper wires. 

So, if you are looking for an ADSL broadband without a landline, that’s out of the question because you will need a landline to access the internet, even though you don’t need it for the phone. There are many broadbands which have set the prices of their ADSL broadband and fibre broadbands at the same level to lure in more fibre broadband customers. So you don’t have to stick with the old and outdated technology like ADSL unless you don’t have any other broadband available in your area.

Can I Get Broadband Without A Landline

Broadband Options Without Landline

Virgin Media Broadband

If you are looking for broadband without a landline, Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) or cable broadband is the best option you might get. With this type of broadband, the signals are carried to your home without the old telephone wires at all. 

But the problem with the FTTP or full-fibre is that it’s still quite limited in the UK as figures show it is only available in 15% areas of the UK, out of which 50% is provided only by Virgin Media. Virgin is the only and biggest internet service provider in the UK which offers broadband connection without a landline. 

The reason behind the fact that only Virgin Media is providing full-fibre is that they have their own fibre network and do not use Openreach’s networks, unlike other ISPs. let’s see what Virgin Media offers: 

Package Average speed(Download)Setup CostContract LengthCost(Per month)
M100 fibre(Broadband only)108MB*Average speedNone18 months£24
M200 fibre(broadband only)213MB*Average speedNone18 months£30

Virgin’s network is fibre optic that’s why it is super fast as you can see the average download speed. Even though these are not the fastest speeds that Virgin Media provide, the fastest package up till now offers a whopping 560Mbps – probably highest in the whole UK.

However, in these deals, TV and mobile services are not included but you have an option to add them as well.

Hyperoptic Broadband

Hyperoptic is another provider of full-fibre broadband in the UK along with Virgin Media. The basic speed that hyperoptic provides is 50Mbps and that too at the same price as the other providers like Now broadband and Plusnet are offering their landline and fibre packages (not without a landline).

It does offer 500Mbps speed but that is not even the maximum speed as Hyperoptic’s full-fibre broadband can go up to 1Gbps. Let’s take a look at the deals offered by Hyperoptics

Package Average speed(Download)Setup CostsContract LengthCost(Per month)
30MB fibre connection(Broadband only)30MB*Average speed£9.9912 months£17.99
50MB fibre connection(Broadband+Phone)50MB*Average speed£29.0012 months£24

The issue with Hyperoptic is also the same as Virgin Media: limited availability. But it is worth checking if it’s available in your area or not, so visit Hyperoptic’s website to make sure of the availability. 

Can I Get Broadband Without A Landline

4G and 5G Broadband

4G and 5G mobile broadband is also an option if you are looking for broadband without a landline. In this type of broadband, the signals are carried and delivered to you through the air in the same way as mobile networks. It simply does not require wiring of any kind.

However, if you compare mobile broadband and fixed-line broadband in terms of performance and reliability, wired broadband will have an upper hand, it is because the wireless connection is always vulnerable to the weather while cable does not get affected by it. 

Usually, you will just have to buy a device or a ‘Dongle’ upfront, then pay monthly for the broadband connection, though some of the providers do offer long-term contracts as well. 

Traditionally, the downside of mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed-line broadband has been that it’s usually slower and less reliable than a wired connection. But that’s not much of a problem now as the advancement of technology has opened new gates like Vodafone’s Gigacube and Three’s plug-and-play (5G broadband).

The other issue which customers face with mobile broadband is that it is very hard to find an unlimited usage bundle with mobile broadband, unlike fixed-line broadbands. If you are looking for normal use of the internet like emails, social media, Netflix and more then it will work out just fine but if you are a hardcore internet user, this option might not be for you.

Here is one of the popular mobile broadbands available in the UK:

Vodafone’ Gigacube  

Vodafone’s Gigacube is a device which might be a solution to your problem: broadband without a landline. It is all-in-one home broadband with the speed comparable to the fastest fibre broadbands out there without any upfront or installation charges.

It is available from a price around £30 per month offering a speed of around 30Mbps to 100Gbps. The Gigacube is an impressive device and an ideal solution for a person who is fed up with fixed-line broadbands. 

However, there are some things which you might have to notice before going for the Gigacube. The prices are significantly higher than the fixed-line broadbands (ADSL and Fibre). Additionally, the data usage has been capped in most of their bundles and for unlimited usage, you have to pay around £50 per month. 

Satellite Broadband 

Another option in the shape of satellite broadband is available if you want an internet connection without those copper wires and instead, transmit wirelessly via a satellite dish. It almost works the same as satellite TV but, TV just receives the data while satellite broadband uploads as well. 

It’s the biggest advantage and edge over all the other broadbands is that satellite broadband is available virtually anywhere in the world, as long as the southern sky is clear and is in the line of sight (satellite’s direction). 

The prices of the satellite broadbands are higher than the other broadbands if we compare the speeds as well. Prices start from around £20 per month and go up to £100. And generally, the download speed starts from 2Mbps and goes up to 20Mbps max.

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