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When looking for a mobile phone contract, there is not one contract that is best for everyone, so know your options when buying a mobile phone with our help. To decide whether to go for a contract phone, pay-as-you-go phone or Sim-only deal, you need to first check the best offers mobile phone contracts UK market is offering.

Before we start, how can you choose a contract that’s best for you? You may need to know what options do you have and what are the differences between them. 

Usually, when looking for a mobile phone, you have three following choices: 

  • You can opt a mobile phone on a contract from a certain provider and bind to it for a certain period.
  • If you have a sim-free phone or a contract phone that is unlocked, you can get a SIM card-only contract from any service provider you like. 
  • You can buy a phone by paying the price upfront or use your existing phone and choose pay-as-you-go service. 

Now coming to the difference, with a phone you buy on a contract, the price you pay initially is far low or might even be free in many plans. Of course, you will be paying the price of your phone but the payments will be made in instalments over the period you have chosen (12 months to 36 months).

If you already have a phone either SIM-free or unlocked, you can purchase a sim card from the provider of your preference. SIM-only plans’ advantage is that they come in a monthly contract and you can cancel them any time. So you will not be tied with the same provider if you don’t like their services, although 12 months contracts are also available. 

Pay-as-you-go deal means you will be paying for what you are using in advance. But, you will not be tied to any contract and cancel the service anytime you want. 

Buying a mobile phone directly from a certain brand is like any other product. It’s yours to keep without any contract. Then you can look for the deals from service providers that suit you best. 

Best Offers Mobile Phone Contracts UK

With so many providers offering so many deals on the latest smartphones that everyone likes to get their hands on, it’s tempting to go for one, especially when you can get them for free (no upfront cost). 

But you may want to think carefully about the terms and conditions that come with the contract before you decide whether a specific deal is best for you or not. 

  • Can you easily afford monthly payments? 
  • The extras and benefits that come with contract plans are mostly free but only for 6 months. After that, you will have to pay for them. 
  • Is getting an expensive phone worth it if you are not going to use it enough? 

Contract phones are ideal for hardcore users of mobile phones as they might get a discount on the cost. However, the monthly charges will get higher after 6 months and you will be tied up to a contract whether you like it or not. And if you decide to cancel the contract, hefty bills will be thrown at you. 

Although SIM cards are very inexpensive whether you buy on a monthly contract or a longer contract period, you will have to get yours by paying outright or unlocking fees in case you have a locked phone.

Pay-as-you-go deals are best for you if you are not looking for a long term contract or if you are a light user of the phone. It also helps you to keep control and pay only for what you use, unlike contract phones where your users will be less than what you pay for.

How to choose the best mobile phone deals?

Getting the best mobile deal when there are countless tariffs on the market and so many providers, can be daunting. You need to think about all the things that make a deal best for you, the mobile phone you want, talk time you need, texts, data usage and roaming.

Choose what’s right for you

The most important thing to decide when looking for a mobile phone deal is the selection of a handset. Most people like iPhones and Samsung when it comes to Android but you have to be smart and choose the handset that is affordable for you. Getting an expensive flagship phone if you are a light user of the mobile phone. 

Compare networks

Some of the deals are low-priced for light users and some are for those who use their phone a lot and want a good amount of data in their plan. However, it is to remember that even in cheapest plans, the minutes and text messages you get are unlimited, it is just the internet data that varies with the plans. 

The two main things that are important to look for in any network are coverage and price. There are many ways to check the coverage of a specific network like you can visit the website of the provider to check the coverage in your area. But the most effective method is to ask your friends and family about the provider’s coverage or which provider has the best services in the area. 

If you are already a customer of a broadband package from EE, BT, Plusnet or Virgin Media, you might get a good discount on a mobile phone contract. 

Choose SIM-only deals

After your contract period expires with a provider and your mobile phone becomes unlocked, it is a high time to switch to a cheaper Sim-only deal if you are planning to stick with your phone. 

Just do it!

By now, most probably all of your confusions are clear about how to approach for the best mobile phone contract. But if you are still in ifs and buts, don’t overthink. Just lock the handset that you want in your mind and follow the tips we have discussed above and we are sure you will end up with the best contract that suits your needs and wants. 

Best Offers Mobile Phone Contracts UK

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