Best Children’s Mobile Phone Contract

Best Children's Mobile Phone Contract

Those days are gone when parents wait for their children to be old enough to get a hold of their mobile phone. And if you are also one of those parents who are looking for a suitable mobile contract for your child, you would know it can be a thorny issue. So, we have done some research for you to select the best children’s mobile phone contract :

Giving your children a phone gives you the peace of mind that you will be in contact all the time or when needed. On the other hand, there is a worry that there is a possibility that your child will lose his phone which will leave you with a hefty bill for a replacement. Other than that, more troubles come into the mind like children getting access to the content that’s not appropriate for them. 

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But worry no more, in this read we will discuss some of the best networks and their contracts that are suitable for your children. And with that, we will also highlight what kind of parental control and safety they offer to keep your child’s usage secure and under control. 

Best Children’s Mobile Phone Contract

Three Network 

Three networks worth the consideration because it offers incredible plans like “Go Binge” that includes streaming on Apple Music, Deezer, Netflix, SoundCloud and more. It comes with all the advanced plans above 12GB of data and all the plans are advanced ones, so you only have to look for the data limit. 

There is also an option of unlimited data on Three without any speed cap on PAYG and PAYM plans. Spending caps are also available with Three so there is a certain limit to which a user can use the data in a month. 

What Three offers?

Filters for content 

It is the most important feature that every parent looks for in a mobile phone contract. Three allows you to apply filters to your child’s phone to prevent the content that is not suitable for them or 18+.

Feel at Home

If your child is going on a long school trip, Three offers Feel at the home scheme that will save you a lot of money while keeping you connected with your child. Three customers of a paid monthly plan can use their monthly allowance of voice calls, texts and data while they are out of the UK, without any extra charges. 

Data cap 

Some of Three’s contracts offer a data cap that will limit the data usage of your child and he won’t be able to use more than that and there will be no worry of your child using data over the allowance. So if you want your child to use the internet up to any limit, this is a great option. 

Best Three mobile phone contract 

Data Minutes and textsContract length Monthly cost
12GBUnlimited 12 months£8

*This deal includes “Go Binge”, mobile tethering and worldwide roaming. 

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile, which uses O2’s network, is pretty straightforward in terms of safety and is a good option to consider. The users (your child) will only be able to access the content that is appropriate for under 18 and will be blocked for 18+ content. 

However, it can be turned off, in case your child gets 18+, through an online form or by credit card verification. There are more options available with Tesco to make things easy for you like, spending caps can be set up either when you buy a plan or even after buying. It’s a great option to prevent any kind of extra or unexpected bills. 

Best Children's Mobile Phone Contract

What Tesco offers? 

Default setting 

Tesco is popular for its family-friendly reputation and for the right reasons too. Tesco’s mobile network has a set of blocking unsuitable content for under 18 by default. This setting can only be turned by the person who is account-holder and verifies the age of the person who wants to access the content as above 18. 

So, if you don’t want to get into technicalities of settings and want to just hand over a new phone to your child, Tesco Mobile can be the one for you. 

Capped contracts

Usually, most of the parents prioritize Pay As You Go Sim for their children if they are asking for the latest device but a Tesco Mobile capped contract can also be a great solution. 

After choosing your monthly contract, you can select the maximum amount you would prefer to go over your bill by. It can be as little as £2.50. After that, your bill will never be higher than this after your child exhausted their tariff.  

Perks for families

For those who are already a Tesco mobile PAYM customer and added more than one contract on their account, they can also choose a free monthly perk for each contract. Each of the contract holders can choose between extra minutes, extra data, Clubcard points and discount on their bill. 

Best Three mobile phone contract 

Data Minutes and textsContract length Monthly cost
12GB5000 minutes + 5000 texts12 months£10


EE is a part of BT network and that’s why it is offering BT Sport free for 3 months, MTV Play for 6 months and Apple Music for 6 months on Sim-only plans. And that’s not it, the data you will be consuming with these services will not come out of your data allowance, except for the BT Sport. After the free period, you will have to pay for these services if you like to continue. £9.99 for Apple Music, £3.99 for MTV Play and £15 for BT Sport a month.

Parental controls are also available with EE which you can activate spending caps on the data as well. 

What EE offers? 

Three safety settings

EE offers three different safety settings to choose from. You can either choose no security, which gives you the access to all the content on the internet, the moderate setting which prevents under 18 content or the strict setting which will block all the content rated higher than PG. 

Shared plans

If you are a current 4G EE plan holder, you are allowed to add up to 4 contacts to your existing one. For which, you will only get one bill so that you can keep checking on who uses what and each person will get unlimited calls and texts too. You can also share data between other members to help avoid extra costs.

Data Minutes and textsContract length Monthly cost
100GBUnlimited 24 months£20

The above recommendations are carefully selected for you to find the best children’s mobile phone contract easily.

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