Are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked?

Are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked

A reader recently emailed us to know the answer to “are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked”. This short guide provides an answer to this precise question so read on…..

Tesco Mobile is a network operator in some parts of Europe, such as the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The mobile network is quite popular and has come up with their own phone sets as well.

However, it only operates on the O2 network carrier which means that the Tesco mobile phones are locked otherwise. 

Are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked?

A locked phone means that the user can only use the same network provider as the company’s headset. You can only use the phone on one network. This is an annoyance for anyone who is buying a second-hand phone. Even for those who want to subscribe to a cheaper network. But that does not mean you cannot change the network provider. 

Many network companies that have introduced their phones have kept the option of unlocking the phone. Unlocking the phone means that it will support other network providers as well and will not remain limited to its own like EE and Vodafone.

Where many companies unlock the phones for free, some do demand a small fee for unlocking the phone. Tesco unlocks the phone for free unless the phone was kept for less than 12 months. In which case, a fee of £10. 

If you are planning on changing sim networks, you probably already have a new sim. Replace that sim with the one on your Tesco mobile phone. If it starts working, your mobile was unlocked. If not, you need to get your mobile unlocked. Even if you do not have your new sim, you can test the phone with your friend’s or family’s sim. 

Once, you know the status of your phone, you need to focus on the next step. If the Tesco mobile phone is not unlocked, you can easily get it unlocked through the company itself. They do not charge a fee on pay monthly phones and Tesco mobile pay if the phone has exceeded the 12 months. To do so, all you need to do is fill out an online unlocking request. Once the form is filled, the company guides the user step-by-step through the process. Here are some of the steps to be taken after filling the form; 

  • You will enter your IMEI number in the form. The number can be found in the sim tray, under the battery. It can also be found out by dialling *#06# as well and informing them that you are unlocking your phone.
  •  Once this process is done, Tesco will send you a text message within 7 days. The text message will contain a code and the link to unlock your phone. 
  • Open the link, apply the code, and follow the instructions and you will have an unlocked Tesco mobile phone. Now you can enjoy better or cheaper networks without any limitations. 
Are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked

Usually, it does not take a lot of time for the phones to be unlocked. It can take from anywhere between 3 to 7 days. The older the phone is, the longer it takes to unlock. 

However, here is a guideline of phones that Tesco can unlock and those they can’t; 

Can be unlocked 

  • Any telephone that is bolted to the Tesco Mobile organization, as long as it’s not barred. A barred phone is blocked from being used by any network company as long as the verified owner does not say otherwise. 
  • Those Tesco phones that do not have a sim card and are a pay monthly. 

Can’t be unlocked

  • Telephones that are locked to some other network organization. It is most likely already known that Tesco Mobile can’t open your telephone for you if the phone is locked by some other organization. In case you are hoping to unlock a telephone from another organization, it merits looking at their unlocking process as it will differ from Tesco’s.
  • Telephones that have recently been bought – you may need to hold as long as a year. On the off chance that you have a brand-new telephone that is new to the market, you may need to hold on to it as long as a year until it can be unlocked. In case you’re getting the most recent model of a phone and you’re wanting to abstain from getting bound to a single network then we suggest purchasing your mobile from the company legitimately as opposed to a portable transporter.
  • Telephones that weren’t provided by Tesco Mobile. A company that does not own the product, cannot change it either. 
  • Mobile phones have been barred. If a cell phone is barred it’s typically because the telephone has been accounted for as either lost or stolen. In that case, unless the verified owner does not request the removal, the phone will not be connected to any network provider. If you want to check whether your phone is blocked, try using a Tesco sim to restart it. If it works, it was not blocked. 

Many online websites allow the user to unlock their phone as well without going through the lengthy process with the original provider. Using these methods will empower you to unlock Tesco Mobile and also a few other UK network providers, eliminating the limits that have been forced on your cell phone. While reaching the organization is one alternative, it’s a long way from being the most ideal choice. 

The better decision is to use DirectUnlocks Tesco Mobile unlock technique. It comes at an amazingly reasonable price, takes no time, and permits you to associate your phone to some other network right after. Whether you choose to or not, Tesco mobile phone is always available to help.

I am sure this short guide must have answered your question of are Tesco Mobile Phones Unlocked.

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